Contaminating the Kveik tag

The tag says: Kveik refers to cultures of yeast used in Norway to brew farmhouse ales; these yeasts are sometimes used for generations.

I just tagged a beer with “kveik”. It’s a hazy IIPA. I feel bad.

It’s not a pastry stout but I still feel bad. Should the kveik tag be kept for traditional ales (ie actual or reproductions of Norwegian farmhouse beers) , sours and saisons, or is it OK for anything that uses something gathered once from some farm in Norway - even if subsequently tamed and available to anyone in squeezy packs through the mail - to make any type of beer to use the tag?

Or maybe there should just be two tags.

Since Kveik is literally the yeast, I think taggingwise it’s okay to tag everything with #kveik that is fermented with kveik. Of course, only the traditional examples should be in Traditional Ale.


Kveik please, not kviek.

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We could add a tag Kveik-traditional for the subset of #kveik that are trying to be Norwegian farmhouse beers, not just using the yeast.
Tags are very open and flexible for that…