Contract brew question

Question - this beer:

…is on the website as aliased to Allendale Wagtail, but with a note that it’s now brewed by VIP and is assumed to be a different beer.

I have a bottle of the new VIP one. The abv is the same as the old one, and the label design and blurb appears to be the same as the old one except that it says that it’s brewed at VIP rather than Allendale.

Could anyone tell me how best to set this new one up on the site?



It states that the Allendale version has been retired so I would just add a new VIP brewed one. Odd that whoever retired it did not do so unless you missed it.

We’ve generally not been keen on adding beers to the database unless they actually have a rating. We could clog up the database with huge numbers of beers that don’t, and never will, have ratings that way. In retrospect, it might have been expedient to do so in this case to avoid confusion. It should be added as a new beer. If the original was indeed a rebadge of Wagtail, it’s difficult to believe that Allendale would hand over their recipe to another brewer that took over the contract, hence the presumption they’re different beers, whatever the blurb says.