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Cooper's Canadian Blonde Recipe


Hey all,

I’ve just purchased a Cooper’s Canadian Blonde. Some sites suggest it’s an ale whereas some others describe it as a lager. I’m not really sure which one is correct but I’ve a couple of questions about my planned recipe.

I’m planning to use:
1.7 kg LME
No dextrose (maybe 200-250 gr, what do you think?)
Danstar BRY-97 yeast
0.5 oz (14 gr) Chinook for bittering (boiling 15 min)
0.5 oz (14 gr) Chinook for aroma (end boil, steep for 30 min)
1 oz (28 gr) Saaz (dry-hop after fermentation ends)
Planned temp. of fermentation: 17C (62-64F)

In addition to those hops, I’ve got Citra, Magnum, Tettnang, Mittelfrüh, Golding and Perle hops.

Do you have any suggestions or warning for this recipe? I’m a bit confused about how to add the hops here. I want some bitterness so I’ll avoid to dry hop all the hops. What do you think?


Hi there,

You are planning on boiling a kit in order to add more bitterness right? Have you tried this kit before? 0.5 oz of Chinook for 15 minutes will give you some bitterness, might add a nice kick to a kit that is already bittered. Hops for dry-hop are pretty much to your taste, what kind of beer are you trying to achieve?



No, this is my first time with this kit. I don’t want to be filled with extreme hop aromas that would take over the maltyness and bitterness. So, preferably, I’d like an ale (if this kit is an ale) with some bitterness accompanying the piney aroma of Chinook. The thing is, maybe Citra or Golding might be a better choice instead of Saaz for some citrus?

Besides, I’m wondering, what is the difference between dry-hopping and letting it steep at the end of the boil in terms of flavor, aroma and bitterness?


Your yeast is an ale yeast, therefore an ale. Ferment about 68 degrees F.