Copenhagen 08/05 - 13/05

Last sale the 4 sessions were: 350, 400, 600 and 400dk. Depending whats on offer, I assume it is within this price range…

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Ok! Thanks for the warning. Let´s see if I can catch up a ticket for any Session.

Ok, info was posted. It is about the Blending event that was already posted before. Looks like they changed the event format, so there is also a tasting during the event now. The event is on Tuesday though (so not for me :stuck_out_tongue:) …

Bottle and can list for the Bottle Logic Tap Takeover:

Red Eye November
13.8% – Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout finished on Mostra Coffee Beans.
500ml Bottle

Muscle & Mayhem
5% – Tart Ale finished with Pineapple, Coconut, and Bananas.
475ml Can

Robots In Disguise – collab w. J. Wakefield
8.4% – New England IPA w. Guava
475ml Can

Double Actuator
9% – Mosaic hopped Imperial IPA
650ml Bottle

Recursion IPA
6.5% – West Coast IPA. Hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe, El Dorado.
650ml Bottle

Darkstar November
13.8% – Imp. Stout aged in Buffalo Trace barrels. Silver in Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout World Beer Cup 2016
500ml Bottle

They also posted a tap list now:

What time is the Bottle Logic event? Or it starts with opening?

I suppose it will be all day long from the opening, but this is a good question.
I posted the bottle/can list for an hipotetical RB Bottle sharing.


Info posted at FB. Starting at 12:00h

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Thanks for that :slight_smile: have added RB event and start time for this on the merged list


So, anyone in for a bottle sharing/pub crawl tomorrow or wednesday??

Will only be there Wednesday evening :slight_smile:

btw, is there anyone who has a Gold ticket and does not need it for the sunday session, because of flying home? I am asking for a friend. :slight_smile:

I can do some pub crawling on Wednesday.

Lets do it. Where?? What time??

I arrive around noon, can be in town by 1pm I guess. Let’s start Bottle Logic @ Warpigs, then Modern Times, then Koelschip for Jester King (and I still want to tick Blåbær - and I want to do that on Wednesday)?

I have PMd you my phone number.

Recently posted at Fermentoren FB:

I dont know if this could affect the wednesday Modern times tap takeover too.

Yeah noticed this, was meant to be heading there first, they putting Cloudwater on instead they now saying, so think I will still go by :slight_smile:

Ok last minute substitution. We will be moving Modern Times til Friday… Cloud Water Just came in and we will have them on today!

Edit: They just created a event for Cloudwater on Facebook - 14 taps on today from 13:100:

Also Himmeriget posted this regarding the Windmill / Jester King event today…

The shipment from Windmill, Indiana has been delayed!

  • there might be a chance that it will arrive this afternoon…
    Until then, we’ve got four taps of Jester King (+ the three Magnify drafts from yesterday)
    They’re all in superb condition, and drinkin preetty good…

Guys. Back to normal life. Amazing beer trip. What a blast!!

Nice to met some of you and shared a couple of dozens of beers. Hope to see you again soon.



Trying to remember if we’ve seen each other?

No. We haven´t this time.

That’s a shame. Had a chat with lots of people. Not enough time. There’s always next time though!