Copenhagen 28/12/17 - 01/01/18 and Lisbon 29/01/18 - 02/02/18

Hey Ratebeerians

So i have 2 trips planned:
The first isnt final yet so that one can be left out, but i plan to visit Copenhagen for new years and will be there from 28th December to first of January.

The second is confirmed, with my university college i’m going to Lisbon from 29th of January till the 2nd of February. Hostel will be Lisbon Old Town Hostel… so the closer to this the better since i will not have a car.

So why this topic?

  1. Well its always fun to meet ratebeerians, and i wonder if there are people who are also in said locations on said days, and want to grab a beer together? Unofrtunately i will have hand luggage only, so i will not be able to trade bottles.

  2. Any recommendations for said locations? I will look at the places list of course, but anything is welcome, touristy stuff, restaurants etc.

Not Portuguese, but I thoroughly enjoyed the scene there last year. Definitely go to Cerveteca Lisboa and Duque Brewpub. Both are in easy walking distance. Dois Corvos is a bit to the east, but also quite easily reachable by public transport. Drink Passarola, OPO, LX Brewery, Mean Sardine, Musa - and everything else. Have fun!

For Lisbon: Stefano, your hostel is 5 min walk from Adamastor, a great little bar I found when I was in Lisbon last September. Had a great time there. German owner, a little eccentric, talkative, lets you try bottled beers before you choose. Great service. He also own a burger bar with craft beer in Lisbon.
Duque is also not far (10-15 mins walk), but be sure they’re open. Went there when they were supposed to be open, but even half an hour later it was still closed. Needless to say I didn’t visit the place, but I’ve heard it’s good.
Be sure to look for this thing on the streets (found it in Belem):

And bring a big stacked wallet. Beer is expensive in Portugal. Wine and Port are dirt cheap, but beer costs more than in NL. Also be prepared for the hills. There are some steep climbs (to Duque, for instance).

@svd1 As I assumed you wouldn’t be in Copenhagen and Lisbon at the same time (unless svd1 and svd are clones), I took the liberty to change one of the dates in the title, my first title edit.


About Lisboa. Like herrklemann said, Dois Corvos it´s a bit far away and in a non-turistic area, but the place itself worths the visit. If you want to go, take the Bus 728 at Praça do Comercio until the “Rua do Açucar” stop.
If you want a couple of country ticks, go to “Museu da Cerveja”, just in the Praça de Comercio, where you can try Moçambique and Angola beers. 6 euros each bottle. (Note that the museum itself its ridicolous but they have a nice bar)

Duque Brewpub…i think it´s closed. You can read this on their facebook profile: “Estimados clientes, devido à fragilidade do edifício do Duque Brewpub temos de fechar as portas até à colocação de andaimes e de uma protecção para evitar acidentes por quem ali passa. Tentaremos resolver esta situação o mais rapidamente possível. Gratos pela vossa compreensão.” Translation is that they are closed because a technical problem at the building.


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Oh, I hope they get that stuff sorted out. Had a great time sitting on the stairs and drinking all of the beers they had on tap on a hot summer evening. I sadly lost my notebook with all the handwritten ratings on my way back. :frowning:

We went to go and see the Museu da Cerveja. Colonial History scholars would have a blast.

Ha, we encountered it in Belem as well. Had the LX Rye IPA on tap. Just the right thing after a long, hot day walking around Belem.

@herrklemann thank you for your reply, will take it all in consideration.

@Borresteijn Thank you and funny little car, will look out for it. And well… i guess the beer will not be hitting Icelandic levels i hope? 15 euro for a glass… Otherwise i will indulge myself in the world of Port… anyone got some info on that ??

@ch-303 haha no, unfortnately i have not found a way to clone myself… i must have made a mistake typing the title, thanks!

@Taboada1 Thanks, will google into Duque brewpup in januari again, maybe they sort it out before the end of the year.

Bump: Copenhagen is a go, i have booked the flights, i’ll be in Copenhagen from the 28th december till first of january.

No, but be prepared to pay at least €4 for bottled (craft) beer, more likely 5. Port wine costs €5 for 75cl. Wine 2-5€ for 75cl-1L.

Oh that looks doable, i mean it will not be a vacation where i have a lot of free time so… but thanks for the info

Bumping this since I have been recently to both place.

Lisbon – wine & porto are insanely cheap & beer looks expensive only in comparison. Expect 4 – 5 euro for most beers. Cerveteca Lisboa is the place to be for peer, 10 taps or so, 2 cask, 100ish bottles about half of these are Portuguese, flights are available. These guys had a good amount of the more interesting BA etc. releases. Beer Station is also a bar, central 10 or so taps, 60ish bottles, all Portuguese good, stuff even if unlike Cerveteca they do not necessary get the special stuff. These two were fairly essential, Lisbeer had a way less impressive Portuguese selection than these two in my opinion. Locals raved about Dois Corvos & their taproom only beers but sadly I didn’t visit.

Copenhagen – now this is expensive, expect any craft beer to start at around 5 euro for 200 ml. and things only go up from there, +/- 10 euro prices for 200 ml. for special stuff are not that rare. Bottle prices are straight up yolo. Selection is astonishing on the other hand. Mikkeller & Friends + Himmeriget were my favourite bars. Mikkeller original bar is far smaller than the Mikkeller & Friends place & unbearably crowded when I visited. Taphouse & SKAAL are great for massive amounts of taps + samples available. Great places, BRUS is less murderous price-wise. Note that if you want to eat at Øl & Brød by Mikkeller – reservations are highly recommended.

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Thanks for the info man!, really appreciated.

Yeah i know Copenhagen will be expensive, Iceland made me nearly cry last year when i was in the Mikkeler bar there… 18 euros for a 33CL :crazy_face:

Damn, realise its only 12 more days until Copenhagen, time flies mates…

Btw for the person who reads this, Malmö … is there something worthwhile to do? need to convince a friend to take the train to Sweden… (Beer and non beer related)

I also went to Malmö, it is very nearby as part of the train ride to Sweden is border control (not the way back). Prices fluctuated a bit more than in Copenhagen, about as expensive, sometimes lower, sometimes oddly a bit higher. I really enjoyed Malmöhus which is a really great museum & shockingly big and well-priced. It is actually several museums in one. Walked through the parks, saw the main church etc. The Bishops Arms Gustav Adolfs Torg (Malmö) is a great place – there are two this is the bigger one, they have samples which really helps. Taproom Malmö is a short walk from city centre 40 taps or so, guests plus their own beers, flights available for their own beers, some bottles. Some cool stuff at Systembolaget Hansa. BrewDog was as everywhere the most expensive bar & Sweden that concept was ridiculous. Bars are oddly UK styled except for Taproom Malmö near which I have the greasiest vegan kebab ever in a good way but that is a personal thing.

Malmö is great for a day trip in my opinion with Malmöhus, The Bishops Arms Gustav Adolfs Torg & Taproom Malmö etc. Malmö city centre has quite a few bars given its size. Centre is quite small, most of Malmö appears to be residential area.

P.S.: Nørrebro Bryghus is probably the most affordable specialty beer producer in Copenhagen, hey have a taproom to visit, I didn’t recommend them since they are no on level of everything else in Copenhagen for me. Their standard line-up has like 4 pale lagers.

Thnx man, will see what my travel companion wants to do, but will try to convince him