Copenhagen / Mikkeller Beer Week (MBCC) 2018 - Merged Event List

Saturday 5th May 2018

11:00 Viktoriagade Street Party & Mikkeller Bar Birthday -

14:00 Bellwoods Brewery at Himmeriget -

Sunday 6th May 2018

Monday 7th May 2018

09:00 Sour Beer Cornucopia (Rbabarrab) -

12:00 Magnify Brewing at Himmeriget

12:00 Black Damnation Classic Line-up (1420) - Tickets Only

13:00 J. Wakefield Tap Takeover (Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade) -

14:00 Devils Peak Tap Takeover (Mikkeller & Friends) -

Tuesday 8th May 2018

12:00 The Great Mikkeller Blending Competition (Koelschip) -

12:00 Hair of the Dog Dave Degustation (1420) Ticket Only

13:00 Modern Times TTO (Fermentoren) - (postponed to Friday)

13:00 Cloudwater TTO (Fermentoren) - (replacing Modern Times)

15:00 Windmill Brewing & Jester King at Himmeriget - (Windmill beers postponed until later)

J. Wakefield ‘That’s The Ticket’ Bottle Release (M&F Bottle Shop Torvehallerne)

Wednesday 9th May 2018

12:00 Interboro Spirits & Ales at Himmeriget -

12:00 Bottle Logic Brewing Tap Takeover (Warpigs) -

13:00 Uiltje Tap TTO (Fermentoren) -

14:00 Fierce TTO (Dispensary) -

15:00 Barrel Aged at BRUS -

15:00 The Great Geriatric Geuze Get-together (1420) Ticket Only

16:00 BRAW And Gamma Tap Takeover (Dudes) -

17:00 Tibidabo Meet The Brewer og Tap Takeover (Skaal) -

Modern Times Tap Takeover (Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade)

Jester King Tap Takeover MTB (Koelscip)

Hood Hearted “Konkey Dong” Can release (M&F Bottle Shop Torvehallerne)

Superstition Meadery Tasting & Talk (Mikkeller Baghaven)

Highland Park Bottles & Cans (Mikkeller General Store)

Sake Event (Ramen to Bíiru - Vesterbro)

Thursday 10th May 2018

11:00 Scandinavia Tap Takeover - Brewski, Brekeriet, Stigbergets, Dugges, O/O, Örebro, STHLM, Lervig, Amager, To Øl, BRUS (Mikkeller & Friends)

12:00 Equilibrium & Cantillon (and Cantillon, Blåbær Lambik 2018 release take out) at Himmeriget -

13:00 Verdant & Buxton TTO (Fermentoren) -

14:00 Founders Tap Takeover (Charlies Bar) -

15:00 Great Northern TTO at BRUS -

15:00 Kees Tap Takeover at Taphouse -

16:00 Browar Stu Mostow Tap Takeover (Dudes) -

16:00 Cantillon Whisky Release + Vintage Kriek! (1420) Ticket Only

18:00 Cantillon First Batch Tasting (1420) - ticket only sold out

19:00 Italian Sour Beer? YES we DO! (Il Locale - Italian Craft Beer) -

Bokkereyder Tasting/s (Koelschip) - Ticket Only - SOLD OUT

Other Half / Finback / Kane Tap Takeover (Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade)

Arizona Wilderness Tap Takeover (Warpigs)

Rare Barrel Bottle Release & MTB (Mikkeller General Store)

Hoof Hearted (Mikkeller Mikropolis)

Jester King Tap Takeover & Baghaven Bottle Release (Mikkeller Baghaven)

Jester King Bottle Release (M&F Bottle Shop Torvehallerne)

Brewski/Left Handed Giant/Beavertown TTO (Dispensary)

Friday 11th May 2018

09:00 Evil Twin TTO + fried chicken (Rbabarrab) -

10:00 YELLOW Session MBCC 2018 -

12:00 RAR Brewing at Himmeriget -

12:00 Amundsen og Ægir Tap Takeover at Taphouse -

13:00 Hammer TTO (Fermentoren) -

14:00 Ritual Lab Brewery (Il Locale - Italian Craft Beer) -

15:00 Double Collab Launch (BRUS) -

16:00 BLUE Session MBCC 2018 -

21:00 Founders Meet the Brewer and drink his beers (Skaal) -

Cycle Tap Takeover & Bottle Release (Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade)

LIC Tap Takeover (Mikkropolis)

TRVE & Cerebral Tap Takeover (Mikkeller & Friends)

Mikkeller x Boon Bottle Release (Koelschip)

2nd Shift Release (Mikkeller Baghaven)

Stouts of Death (Dispensary)

Saturday 12th May 2018

09:00 Greenpoint & Barrier TTO + homemade burgers (Rbabarrab) -

10:00 RED Session MBCC 2018 -

12:00 Sand City & Other Half at Himmeriget -

14:00 Pontino Brewery in CPH ! (Il Locale - Italian Craft Beer) -

14:00 Ølsmagning i Kihoskh (Kihoskh) -

16:00 GREEN Session MBCC 2018 -

Tired Hands (Mikkeller & Friends)

Cantillon Tap Takeover & Bottle Blowout (Koelschip)

Mikkeller San Deigo Tap Takeover (Mikkeller Baghaven)

Iceland Tap Takeover (Mikropolis)

Sunday 13th May 2018

12:00 5th Session MBC2018 12:00-17:00 (Gold ticket holders) -

12:00 Sunday Hyggestouting at Himmeriget -

12:00 B. Nektar Tap Takeover at Taphouse -

13:00 Other Half TTO + BBQ 14:00 (Fermentoren) -

14:00 The Marvellous Megablend Medley (1420) Ticket Only

The Veil mini Tap Takeover (Mikkeller & Friends)


Just like the last couple of years, for the many tourists/visitors and locals to Copenhagen during the lead up and throughout MBCC - have tried to gather all of the beer TTO/MTB events across Copenhagen into one place for convenience with relevant start times to help planning. Hopefully more start times and details will become available soon, and should remember that some of these events could be subject to change, so will update here.

Please add any beer related events across town that are missing in this thread, and will add to the above.

Cheers all!

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Nice work, Reubs… I think I need to find out how to clone myself instead of having to chose between so many options.


little dissapointed that events seem to have drifted from Sunday. but im sure i will be hung over anyway. but got the day to kill

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@cgarvieuk which Sunday do you mean? Assume you mean Sunday 13th. There is a 5th session Sunday which includes special beers only served then (also im sure lots more events to add yet) :slight_smile:

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Beers that will be poured only in that session or is it going to be the beers that were not sold out during the first 4 sessions? Does anyone know?

From their MBCC website, says…


  • All session​s​
  • 20 minute early access
    ​- Exclusive ​MBCC ​merch​
  • Exclusive MBCC glass
  • 5th Session closed event for GOLD ticket holders only

5th Session includes

Sunday May 13 from 12:00-17:00
-Left over beers from MBCC will be available
-Special beers served in 5th session only

Thanks! I missed that last bullet… and I will miss the session even if I have a gold ticket… I will fly back to Greece at that time

Updated with…

Blåbær Lambik 2018 release (take out) at Himmeriget on Thursday 10th May


Sunday Hyggestouting at Himmeriget on Sunday 13th May

Yeah but not got gold. Last year, the week seemed to run to Sunday after festival. This year seems to end on the Saturday.

But im sure there will still be plenty in the bars

So, will the Arizona wilderness be at warpigs on Thursday, or on Monday. And cycle on warpigs on Thursday, or Mikkeller Bar on Friday…

I guess they changed some dates around. I m pretty sure cycle was on Thursday before. I guess the list on should be the one to go by :wink:

Yep there seems to be some discrepancies between Facebook events and website. Been changed a few times. Probably right to go via the website/app so will update to that :slight_smile:

It’s all a mess, since they changed the Cycle from Thursday to Friday on the web and moved the venue, before they even added the FB event, as far as I know. I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on at this point, Mikkeller included :confused: The website was changing daily for a while and I assume is still not fixed.

Next thing, they move everything a week earlier… :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Updated list with the following new events from Fermentoren…

Tuesday 8th May 2018 - 13:00 Modern Times TTO
Wednesday 9th May 2018 - 13:00 Uiltje Tap TTO
Thursday 10th May 2018 - 13:00 Verdant & Buxton TTO
Friday 11th May 2018 - 13:00 Hammer TTO
Sunday 13th May 2018 - 13:00 Other Half TTO + BBQ 14:00

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Wow!! Thanks.

Another event added…

Wednesday 9th May 2018 16:00 BRAW And Gamma Tap Takeover (Dudes)

Dudes probably a new bar for many of you coming to Denmark (opened just under 3 months ago) in Vesterbro, and that’s two Danish breweries whose beers many visitors would not have had before outside of Denmark.

Also for those arriving early/and us locals just remembered there is also this…

Saturday 5th May 2018 - 14:00 Bellwoods Brewery at Himmeriget -


5 more events added today…

Monday 7th May - 12:00 Magnify Brewing at Himmeriget
Wednesday 9th May - 12:00 Interboro Spirits & Ales at Himmeriget
Thursday 10th May - 16:00 16:00 Browar Stu Mostow Tap Takeover (Dudes)
Thursday 10th May - Brewski/Left Handed Giant/Beavertown TTO (Dispensary)
Friday 11th May - Stouts of Death (Dispensary)

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Lot of work to do on Thursday!!
Really excited with the Verdant, Buxton, Other Half, Beavertown, Scandinavian…tap takeovers.

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