Copenhagen this Friday (08/12)

Greetings all

I’ll be in Copenhagen this coming Friday and would like to nail a few bottles from the Himmeriget bottle list. Number 1 priority is to try Zenne Solera then decide the rest after seeing the menu.

Anyone around and interested in splitting a few bottles for a few hours? I wont have all day/evening as I have other commitments but Ill be in town around 1530/1600 until around 2000.

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Hi mate, as discussed a shame my work Christmas party is same evening as i would of hooked up, I might pop by Himmeriget (if im in a fit state) on way home but you will be long gone by then. As well as the new bottles you probably noticed there is a Lervig TTO on Friday as well, has some interesting new Lervig / Cloudwater collabs on tap according to list they just posted…

Have a good one mate, and hopefully catch up next time! :smiley:

Depending on what the others in the group say we might be in Himmeriget into the night so might still cross paths!

Had no idea there was a Lervig TTO on so thanks for that info - will be making the most of that too now!