Copenhagen this weekend (17/08-19/08)

I’m going to be in Copenhagen this weekend. I get in Friday (17/08) afternoon and leave Sunday afternoon. Planning to hit up the main spots over Friday and Saturday nights if anybody fancies joining me. I’ve got two NZ bottles with me that I’d rather not take back… Happy to swap for anything you have lying around!

Alternatively, I’m in Aarhus until the weekend, and free tomorrow night (16/08) for a beer if that suits somebody better.

Hi there - I have my brother in law from Aarhus heading over here to Copenhagen tomorrow so taking him out for some beers over weekend, we are planning to go Himmeriget Saturday to take down some new big impy stout bottles that have arrived recently, more than welcome to join us to split some bottles :slight_smile:

That sounds like fun. I’ll definitely join you for a bottle or two (not sure my non Danish wages can stretch much further than that…).

Are you interested in the two NZ bottles? They’re both stuff you’ve not rated and very good beers. Happy to ‘trade’ for anything really, at this stage I just want the space in my suitcase back.

Tonight my plan is to hit Warpigs, Fermentoren and Mikkeller as they’re all pretty close to my hotel.

Yeah, the NZ bottles sound good, be happy to take those of your hands, i will dig out a couple of bottles that you not had. Will drop you a beer mail later today.

Its two recent Evil Twin / Westbrook stouts we are targeting at Himmeriget to share, also just been announced that the Alvarado Street TTO which was being planned for next weekend might be happening this weekend now, good timing for your visit if it goes ahead.