Cor! What a shocker! What's your lowest score recently?

I don’t normally call out poor beers, but this was a real shocker.

Literally smelt of sick. It made me wretch. Lucky I had it as an aperitif otherwise I may have lost my dinner.

Can’t remember the last time I gave a 0.5 rating literally undrinkable

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Man, how drunk do you have to be to think that was a good idea? :laughing:

Is December recent enough? I gave 0.8 to Voodoo Caution! Contains Real Pumpkin.

I’ve only given 0.5 to one beer: Wasabi Biwasa no Rubi. Niigata Beer is not exactly known for quality, but adding wasabi to a beer was an exceptionally stupid idea.

Lowest I’ve rated is a 1.0 last November. On the other hand I did give out a 4.9 last January.

I’m too kind a rater. Maybe because it’s rare for me to have anything truly bad.

This was pretty awful but I still gave it a 2.5…

A gin flavoured strong lager. Tasted like cheap gin and rough alcohol. Was a struggle to drink but it was 11% and a 500ml can, so all was not lost

Lowest this year is a 1.2 for a local “Pils”, that was butter to the extreme. Avoid at all cost, if you ever visit Doetinchem in the Netherlands (I have no clue why anybody would :-))

Better availability has de Molen Hel & Verdoemenis Hazelnoot. I gave it a 1.5. Simply horrible. Average score is 3.87, how on earth? And I do like Pecan Mud Cake, so it’s not that I hate sirupy additions to my beer. It was just completely out of balance.

Gentlemen I present you Istarsko Tartuf

Bad lager infused with what I suspect to be artificial truffles aroma. I rarely have problems finishing a bottle, took 3 of us to drink half. Tried my share of eastern european supermarket lagers, but this is whole new level.

Got one extra point for looks so it’s 0.6

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The only things that’ve been properly in the horror zone recently are these:
Both probably overrates. Neither was puke-on-sniff though.


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Am I the only one for whom the links aren’t working?
When I try to follow these in Firefox, I get an internal server error.
Oddly, when I paste the links into Pale Moon (a forked old version of Firefox), they work fine. So something on the server seems to be trying to behave differently depending on the browser.

My worst the past year was Bauskas Gaišais Specialais. Had it draught, one gulp was enough.

This is mine too. Two biggest breweries in Istra made lagers with fake truffle aroma. San Servolo’s version was quite awful but not an atrocity. Istarsko Tartuf, however, is.

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I gave possibly the lowest ever rating to a Mikkeller beer but it was one with Chinese peppers in it. Tasted like shite. Accidentally announced this to the whole of that Draft House in Clapham Junction when a mate rang and I didn’t realise I was shouting into my mobile. It was a bit Trigger Happy TV. “I’m in the Draft House. Just paid £8 For a fxcking disgusting beer.” Turns around to see everyone staring at him

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Did a mail order over Christmas to get some country ticks along with some nice Belgian stuff and had Beerlao, Cisk of Malta and Lapin Kulka of Finland all in the range 1.6-1.8. For worse than that was Carling Zest which I had at 1.1 in early December - I don’t even hate regular Carling as much as nearly everyone else on here does either but it’s way weaker and the lime is just so chemical/artificial.

The idea alone of a squid ink gose makes me feel a little uneasy.

I found this one was truly shite (and I actually like pale lagers :rofl:):


I had an IPL recently that smelt strongly of sewage. Not sure how they managed that.

Desperados Dos, even worse than I expected.

This little stinker got a 1.6 at the weekend:

My worst so far this year was Tsingtao at 1.2.

I like a bad beer every now and then, helps me enjoy the good ones even more.

Might be personal?

You rated this 4.6:

I gave it 1.5

Av 4.03

1.0 and that’s being generous. Basically it was drinking pure chili. Just awful.

Lowest so far this year, a country tick at 1.7: