Cor! What a shocker! What's your lowest score recently?



Worst this year this 60/40 mix of beer and cola, I really dont like cola. 1.2

Just drinking this right now:

Or should say was. Drainpoured.

Was thinking it might be a bad bottle but everyone else has given it a shit rating too so I guess it is just a shit beer. I notice Rich added that the “brewer is weirdo”. How come? Never even heard of the brewery before I only picked this up because I needed a Leicestershire rate.

It’s strange, I had this on cask and it wasn’t bad. Not amazing, but not bad. I won’t be in a hurry to try a bottle anytime soon.

This has been the worst beer I’ve come across with so far this year:

Nothing too shocking, simply a poor macro lager, I didn’t have anyting truly disastrous the past couple of months.

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Not even sure how they had the balls to call this one a Saison. 2.1. This edged out a non-alcoholic offering.

I tried this. Mediocre at best springs to mind. I much prefer it to carling, carlsberg etc though.

I have had some really nice beers from them, but not tried that one and the reviews are pretty bad. Not going to rush out for a bottle.

Been to Malta end of 2017 and the Cisk Chill Berry was worth a 1.0 - as well as the Heineken owned “Jillz Raspberry” I had in January. On the other hand, the best beer this year so far with 4.3 is Omnipollo / Buxton Original Texas Pecan Ice Cream

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The new Guinness Pilsner:

Is pretty poor.


This was a couple of months ago now but Black Haddock’s post reminded me.

For a couple of years now I’d spotted the odd interesting looking gig at a venue in Basingstoke. A mate at work asked if I wanted to got to a gig there. Now I actually really liked the the venue. They’d basically gutted a Café and just put in a PA and foam on the walls for sound proofing. Reminded me of a German squat. I was informed that they had no taps but to ask what was in the fridge. Would be Wild Weather or such like. So I asked the barman what they had on and he puts three cans on the bar: Desparados, Red Stripe and Fosters.

And Hed PE were worse than the support acts.

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Which one of those three fine beverages did you go for?

The Desparados and the Red Stripe. Wasn’t paised enough for Fosters, ie no spice or crack that evening.

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Desperados DOS 2.1 - I can’t imagine having anything worse this year.

I have been better at avoiding the really bad ones so this is my worst recently
Dull and uninspired.

Dorking Lunar White. Bought at a local wine shop I’d not been in before. It was so odd tasting I checked the BB, which was in fact 12/17. Now to check the other beers I bought there.

I was the first person to rate that, surprised others have scored it more than my 1.0 to honest. My last sentence wraps it nicely: Utter shite.



I didn’t think it was as bad as Ace Lager I tried when I was younger. At least it tasted of something, it’s just pop for kids.

A 1.3 for the following Uzbekistan tick:

If you ignore country ticks, then the worst was

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Staropramen Pravha with 2.2