Cor! What a stunner! What's your best score lately?

Just to counterbalance the “shocker” thread…

My highest this year is 4.1 for this:



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My highest score so far this year, a 4.2:

My best this year is Epic Big Bad Baptista at a 4.4, but that doesn’t feel ‘lately’. Best I’ve had, or at least one I was most excited about, in the last few weeks was a small local brewery’s English Strong Ale on cask. By far the best thing I’ve had on cask in New Zealand in almost four years here.

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A very rare 4.4 from me!


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Heady Topper with 4.5.

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4.2 for

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I think I’m getting less generous with my high scores, in what seems light a couple of months of excellent beer my highest is a 4.2

I have had some very good Northern Monk beers this year, i think they are now my top rated English Brewery

Loved this

Barrel aged old ale. Lovely dark sour, fruity.

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And this one from Marble too

Crystallised fruits.

Best beer of the year though was this

Not a new rate but I increased my rating to a 4.6/5.0


Dugges Cinna Mon got a 4.5 from me recently amidst a general grade inflation affecting everything except cask bitter. Obviously no Harvey’s involved…

4.6 for this…Bear Republic racer X

I actually got Pliny the Younger this year too, and it didn’t finish 2nd or 3rd

4.5 last month - so good i had to have it twice :slight_smile:

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Fremont Dark Star BA Coffee I believe was something that absolutely stunned me and I rated it 4.9 which is my 3rd highest ever.

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Edge Brewing Barrica #25. Gave it a 4.5.
It’s been a long time since I tasted such a delicious combination of chocolate, bourbon vanilla, caramel fudge cookies and red fruit. Amazing beer.

I gave two 4.4s this year and both of these are in my all time top 10:

This caused me to say “wow”, so got a 4.0:

Kormoran Imperium Prunum earned a 4.2, highest so far this year.

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