Corcoran Brewing Company becomes B Chord Brewery

“Favio Garcia, the co-founder of Lost Rhino Brewing Company, is now with Corcoran Brewing Company in Purcellville after brewer Kevin Bills left last month”

Yeah, I just read that. Pretty crazy. I haven’t been to Lost Rhino in about two years. Wonder what happened. The place might not get a lot of love from the people really into beer but it’s always been busy.

I think he also just announced that he is planning on opening his own brewery which seems strange if he just started working at Corcoran.

It looks like Corcoran Brewing will be going away, if it hasn’t already. I’m not sure if the brewery entity has closed, or if it’s simply being reorganized/renamed to B Cord. The article below says “merged”.

This brings up a question - should the current Corcoran brewery be retired? Should all the “Corcornan” beers and names be retired as “Corcoran” and have the database entry be renamed “B Cord” with all new beers being entered as B Cord beers? if any “Corcoran” beers are being re-brewed as “B Cord” they could be un-retired and renamed?

I bring this up because I’m still salty about how Vintage 50 was opened for years and years, and then one day the place was re-branded/renamed (and all it’s beers renamed here, even the ones retired years prior), and then the business promptly closed its doors 3 months later. Now those beers are all forever branded with “The Beer Joint” instead of as “Vintage 50.” Only 3/4 of the 88 beers in the database were “The Beer Joint” beers.