Coronation Beers

Are we even bothering?

I haven’t seen any in the wild, and the only ones I have read about seem to be golds below 5%.

If anyone finds anything worthwhile, please let us know!

I haven’t seen anything coronation related but I imagine there will be a few golden rebadged beers.

Haven’t found anything yet. I would bother if I found something.

Re badge factor is the danger here

Windsor & Eton one of the most notorious … any old royal wedding or birth and Guardsman / Knight of the garter gets a new face slapped on it !

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Although this one seems to be a genuine new one …

Them nonconformist punks at BrewDog have brewed one.

I did buy the Sainsbury’s one that’s brewed by Badger. Rather than yer 4% Pale/Gold, it’s actually 7%.


I saw a news snip yesterday about the hospitality industry

Talking to head brewer at Robinsons … looks like they’ve done something strong also

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Sainsbury’s are doing one and so are Hobsons.

Both are special bitters I believe.


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My daughter very kindly brought this home for me.

Mark’s and Spencer Coronation Ale brewed by Elgoods.
5% and a 660 ml bottle.

This beer is already on the database as Mark’s and Spencer Platinum Jubilee Ale.


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Have we got a coronation beers tag up yet?

Not sure I’ll be able to get out and get any, but would be nice to be able to easily see them all

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Greene King have one too.


I thought about rebrew of ‘Bolshevik Solution’ but didn’t get round to it


Aldi are selling four Coronation beers brewed by Freedom.

hmmm … 4

sniffs of rebadge being the cynic I am

Ha Ha … quite possible but they remain innocent until proven guilty :slight_smile:

Had to look this one up on the darabase. I never say no to a mild!

Has anyone done a ‘Not My King’ beer? I’d go for that.


I’m torn. Seems like a massive waste of money in the cost of living crisis, But I also want my English Strong Ale ticks

I still haven’t had any! Might try to at least get the M&S one.

Tollgate are doing a 6% one. 0 rates on Untappd so far