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Correcciones, errores, etc


Esta la subi por error:

Estas dos son la misma:

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Hi again. Just rating a couple of Garage beers and noticed that the dupe here is still on site, still has a rating, and has been made unrateable??? Sorry but I don’t think that’s the right way to handle this is it? They are clear duplicates and should be merged in my opinion. Pointless to have both entries existing.


Do you know what is the best way to handle this? I think is a good question for someone…

This beer is not merged because it seems to be that someone has ticked it. I cannot see the ticks with my poor privileges. That’s the reason why I set that beer as 'unrateable.

Thanls any way


So when an admin merges a beer it only merges the ratings and not the ticks? This website… so stupid. I’m sorry you have to deal with shit like this as an admin.



A bug has been added and assigned directly to joet. I hope he could have the solution for that issue.

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Places in Spain - Playe del Ingles is listed twice, the same with the only place there, B2 Burgerbar. And, add (Gran Canaria)??

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This place has a new adress/moved to Puerto Rico.

From Facebook:

Gulating Pub Puerto Rico

14. september 2018 ·

Dear all our customers. For a long time now we have played with the idea of moving our restaurant up to the Puerto Rico Center, where there is more pub life. Our concept is just that, a pub concept. It is therefore with joy and tears that we soon move from beautiful Amadores and up to the city.
Our staff now have holiday but are back soon and this time you can find us on the 2nd floor. We hope that you as our customer will come to visit for a delicious beer and a chat. More information will be available soon
Best regards from Else and Tim​:beers::beers::beers:

New adress here:

or here

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Here is https://www.ratebeer.com/places/city/playa-del-ingles-gran-canaria/0/183/

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Map location for Gulating Puerto Rico is wrong…

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Cerveza duplicada:

Por cierto, acabo de valorar mi primer local desde el cambio. Me choca bastante la traducción “Correlación precio/calidad”, ¿no sería mejor “Relación calidad precio”?

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No me había dado cuenta. Añadido un ‘bug’


Done!, thanks


Going to Gran Canaria this summer, again :grin: Have started my beer planning. My Spanish is really bad, so I write in English. Is this brewery closed?

Can’t find any activity recently, not even on Untappd…




Buenas. Es una colaboración entre La Pirata y Flying Dog, hecha por la Pirata. 5,1%. Según su página web serían 43 ibus, no 45; los lúpulos serían: summit, citra y mosaic [no summit, citra y simcoe]. Gracias de antemano.

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Thanks for the info, let me check and I’ll let you know via this thread


Buenas. ¿Local triplicado en Madrid?



Buenas. Esto supongo que sera de Espiga, en colaboración con Edge Brewing, como dice la descripción. Supongo que hay que modificar el nombre. ¡Gracias!

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Buenas. En Soma, hay un cierto lío con los nombres. A la primera cerveza, habría que ponerle el Soma delante. A las que ponen Soma Beer habría que quitarles el Beer:


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No he modificado nada. Está así bien como está?


Ahora me acabo de dar cuenta que yo no tengo posibilidad, no sé si privilegios tampoco, de mover valoraciones de locales al igual que lo hago de cerveza…