Cotleigh Brewery closed

It was posted on Twitter yesterday that Cotleigh Brewery have closed. I haven’t found any news online about this, however the website lists at the top of the page Somerset Craft Brewer 1979 - 2021. This would be very sad if it were true, I guess I moved on from Cotleigh many years ago, but in terms of real ale they were quite an early pioneer and I have had some great beers from them over the years.

I heard about this at the weekend but have been trying to get some evidence together before I shut them down on here, don’t want to upset them just in case.
Before the Craft revolution we used to see them around quite a lot, particularly at Beer Festivals. I think they got left behind a little as they are sort of semi traditional in style.
Always sad to see one go if that is the case. Nothing on their website or Facebook page and Companies House still has them as Active. Hope its just rumour but it doesn’t look good.

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Yes, if true it is very sad. I remember working down in Somerset in the late eighties and working very close to the brewery, I really loved their beers back then, I haven’t had them for years, sadly the only place that I ever saw them in recent years was in the likes of JDW’s, I never saw them listed as a guest beer in an independent pub chain. I guess that it is hard for these types of breweries to adapt, however I think that if you really want to, it is possible.

That’s a shame. I drank a lot of their beer back when I lived in the Southwest but saw very little of it in other parts of the country.

Thought I’d had more of their beers than I had… turned out I’d only had four, and rated those with an average score of just 2.55.

Always really sad to see a brewery close though, especially when you think how much the owners generally devote their lives to it.

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The good news appears to be that the Twitter thread might be just rumour. I have had confirmation that they are still brewing, keeping my eyes and ears open though.

Unfortunately it turns out the rumours are correct, Cotleigh finally closed down this week.

Sad to hear this, always liked their beers, both cask and bottled. One of my brothers had a barrel of 25 at his wedding (I never did get round to rating it).


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