Cotteridge Wines Convention IV - 23 June 2018

Date decided, spreadsheet to populate

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30th is level with the 23rd now!


Is it?! Come on 30th!

Still a long way off, but we need to have the date for our diaries, or at least I do.

It’s your party @RichTheVillan so choose which date please.


It’s everyone who attends party and the date is the 23rd

You need to add a column for the person brining the beer Rich.

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I’ve done that now spreadsheet police

Bugger, I might have to miss this year then, it was me who withdrew my vote for the 23rd just before the vote as I couldn’t guarantee being there.


Do your best Jezza

Panic over, meeting the wife at Heathrow on the 21st, so 23rd is free: save me a sturdy chair!



can’t promise anything, but between now and then I’m going to a few countries that may be ticks for people? Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India. I’d have to check my luggage restrictions on the ‘internal’ Asian flights as doing 4/5 countries on one trip

I for one don’t need any of those, but I am sure some would appreciate the chance to have at least one of those countries. Have a pleasant working? holiday Dave.


alas nothing ‘working’ about it. Can’t even justify putting it through brewery accounts for the tax relief…

I’ll bring what I can anyway

Train spotting holiday more like … hope you’ve nicked a few red pens from the stationary cupboard?

Dave is a sex tourist.

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Which Dave?

Dave unpronouncible.

well that’s just charming…


That’s the one weekend I couldn’t do…ah well

I wasn’t a definite so didn’t vote but I can probably make the 23rd, I’d certainly like to as so far I’ve only met one Ratebeerian (Fin) and it would be great to finally meet some more of you.

Should I bother adding myself and any beers I might bring to the spreadsheet or should I wait until I’m a definite yes?
I may also be able to pick up some shitty Asian lagers to bring for anyone who needs for a country tick: Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam should be available. If someone needs any of them let me know.

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