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Cotteridge Wines Convention IV

It’s that time of year again when we need to start planning for this, Cotteridge have said in June, so can everyone give me the Saturdays you are free to attend.


Would love to do Cotteridge this year. Any Saturday but the 16th for me

9th I have a wedding, all others should be OK.


16 June is a no for me.

I am in Greece on the 2nd and 9th June.

Hope you and @gary1 enjoy it

4 people aside from Rich have chimed in, all with date exemptions.

I think you’ll need to run a poll again Rich and vote on dates.

You’ll never find easy agreement with 20 or so folks in a summer month in terms of availability.

On the voting front can I please stress that folks should not vote unless they are actually committed to attending.

There were a couple of people who voted on the dates last year who were no shows on the day for whatever reason.

The date that was selected last year was the one that I couldn’t make and I had to do a fair bit of re-arranging in order to maintain my 100% attendance at Cotts Conventions.

I can do all Saturdays in June so far. As Colin says, a vote would be good to nail down a specific date though.

Think all sats are OK at the moment but would be good to lock down ASAP as otherwise things will start to fill up!

Looking forward to it. Hopefully the summer timing will help avoid the extreme weather conditions of last time…

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for me late June is better. 23rd & 30th I’m currently free. 2nd and 16th I’m almost certainly abroad. 9th I may be away

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Please use the below poll to vote for your preferred day(s)

  • 2nd June
  • 9th June
  • 16th June
  • 23rd June
  • 30th June

0 voters

blank post

I just voted, but it’s subject to change on May 6th, so if it does please don’t get annoyed!

I’ve voted for my dates.

Only 8 individual voters so far, wow!

I think a few have left the forums (and maybe RatBeer in general), so Eight is good.


Perhaps, like me, people are not voting because they’re not 100% committed to going.

A link to last years ‘beer list’ might help some commit; no idea where it is, or how to actually ‘link’ it if I could find the thing. Plus of course there were plenty of ‘extras’ that arrived and were not on the spreadsheet, those are the ones that sent me ‘over the edge’.


Actually that’s a concern. Finding beer that won’t be mocked;)

Last year I left it too late. This year I’ve told the Mrs that I want a return ticket to Brum for my birthday.

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Hope this is a link to last years thread


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