Cotteridge Wines Convention IV

Beer lists come after we agree a time

Wrong spreadsheet.


I can’t make it but I’m I’m curious - what exactly is this event?

It is a gathering of RateBeer people, usually UK based who all turn up in Birmingham and share interesting and rare beers they have saved for friends and other Unknown beer geeks. The venue usually does a little food and has a great selection of on-tap beers for pre-tasting sipping and bottled beers for taking away. It has become a bit of a traditional event.


Where’s @scopey1 ?

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Where’s @The_Osprey ?

My guess would be that they don’t entertain these forums?

He liked my post

Voted you filth peddler

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23rd is my birthday so would be good to make this one.

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Where’s @jmgreenuk ?

Where’s @Fin ?

Where’s @imdownthepub ?

Down the pub.

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I may try & call in to mop up some dregs later on. What time did things wrap up last time?

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Think it was about 5ish

Ah too late for me then. Sad!

Give yourself a Saturday off you are the boss after Sophie

Voted! I can do the 16th or the 23rd :slight_smile:

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