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Cotteridge Wines Convention VI

We normally get beers from the taps first as Cotts are giving up the venue for free, so I feel it is good to grab a few, I’m going for Pizza as they were awesome last year, donner kebab pizza is god tier.

so Cotts 12am
Bottle Tasting 1pm
Pizza around 3pm


No problem @RichTheVillan, happy to play what ever.

I can eat Pizza as well as any bloke, and buy some tap beers at Cotts, plus some bottles/cans to take home.

I am just adding the beers I had at an International tasting in Brugge before the beer festival. I didn’t realize how strong they all were, no wonder I struggled to get out of bed on the Saturday. Everyone must have taken uber strong stuff.

No need to do that at Cotteridge everybody, some normal beers will be fine!


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PS. Glad to see @RichTheVillan and @Theydon_Bois are keeping an eye on this thread!


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My plans for this year:

a) Get the recipe for the pizza. Tres magnifique.

b) Don’t book a 6:30 train home. Although I got an automatic refund for the second train I booked. I didn’t pick a ticket up as I thought it was an e-ticket. The guard let me off as she could see I was a tipsy simpleton.


We definitely need to swill some ale, and put money in the Cotts till. They look after us really well, considering we’re probably a collective pain in the arse to them, taking up a huge chunk of the tap room and leaving behind a massive pile of empty bottles. To kick the tasting off at the stroke of 12 would be poor form, I’d say.


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Good for me. I think I got to Cotts about 12.10 last year

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definitely agree here. Fortunately, they normally have enough interesting bottles/cans to relieve me of a chunk of money, as well as whatever’s on tap!


I’m going to be in Birmingham at the end of March for work so I need the telephone number for that pizza place!

Here’s somewhere to check out before Cotts, a new microbar just down the road:


It doesn’t open until 12:00 on Saturdays, but a good find and I may well pop in if I get to the area early enough.


Hi Mark

No 1 Pizza
0121 451 1000

We went for the 3 x XL pizza for £33, individual prices are about £19


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Added a 2nd beer. Fruit sour from Gadds


If this event goes ahead then it coincides with when my wife is due to end her self isolation. And, by default, my semi-self isolation.

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let’s hope it still goes ahead. .

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There must be a park everyone can sit in. Brown paper bags optional.


I can,sit 6 in Nelson and a few more under the awning if weather is ok.


I never drink 750ml bottles so at this rate I’m going to be turning up with a out 12 of them. Bought a few recently for ticks. That’s assuming the lockdown doesn’t go on longer than I expected and I end up having to drink them.

Thought I’d post this separately to the above ramblings.

If it goes ahead at Cotts can I suggest people put in £5 - £10 to participate… however that would work. They’ve allowed Rateberians to use the premises for however many years ago could give something back.

Given how many high profile events have been postponed recently I would love this to go ahead but I fear it will go like the other events and be postponed.

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