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Cotteridge Wines Convention VI

Thought I’d post this separately to the above ramblings.

If it goes ahead at Cotts can I suggest people put in £5 - £10 to participate… however that would work. They’ve allowed Rateberians to use the premises for however many years ago could give something back.

Given how many high profile events have been postponed recently I would love this to go ahead but I fear it will go like the other events and be postponed.

Or we all spend say £30/40 + in the shop … I know many folks do but not all


I always buy a few beers, on-tap before the tasting and for taking home; doubt it’s ever been over £30:00 though.


Of course…could do both.

I’m not dictating a set spend limit … just suggesting to purchase more than you normally do in the shop to bump up their takings


I am sure most of us will buy a few items for home consumption and something on-tap before the ‘official opening’ time. Doesn’t take many purchases to get up to £30:00 these days!


Two cans when I didn’t look at the prices in Cask & Kitchen. Of course, that is Pimlico.

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Shitty death, how big were they?


Just two 440ml. An interboro Porter and an Evil Twin Impy Stout.

They do 10 - 20% off on takeaways too!

Glad I live in the shires, but I suspect they wouldn’t have been much cheaper here in the Midlands. We seem to be catching up price wise, if you go to ‘hip’ craft outlets in Birmingham.


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I’m assuming this will not go ahead now. Do we need to consider a date after the summer? September?

I’d say unlikely this will go ahead in June but no point scoping out a new date quite yet … let the coming weeks / (months?) play out first.

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Cotteridge have got in touch with me today to tell me they are regrettably cancelling the event, but as suggested postponing it till September could be an option. Sorry guys


@RichTheVillan Bugger!


That’s a shame, but I’m not surprised. I can’t imagine much is going to happen until late summer at the earliest. Gonna be a long few months.

As you say shame but not a surprise

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