Cotts/Notts/Birmingham Convention VII - SAT JULY 8th 2023

Call it what you want !

Date is set for Saturday 8th July.

Thanks to @RichTheVillan and Kirk of Tilt, we have once again secured the upstairs room in Tilt for an afternoon tasting. Time TBC … approx 1500 start.

Rest of the day TBC … waiting to see if this ties in with the Cotteridge Wines birthday bash, as it did last year, so a visit over there in the late morning is on the cards if that’s the case to pick up the birthday specials as per last year.

Notts you say ?

Again TBC but Rich and myself (and anyone else is welcome) are looking to make a weekend of it and plan to take a day trip from Birmingham on Friday 7th July.

Nottingham is our likely destination at present … if not we might hit the black country/surrounding Brum area Cov/Wolves etc. We’re not looking for suggestions thanks!

Either way we will set out from Birmingham 1000/1100 and be back by 2000/2100 on the Friday.

This is largely a placeholder for your diaries for now.


Well, my original plan was to be in Malaysia from June to mid-August, but as you have given so much notice here, it’s bloody shame on me if I don’t make it!!!

Nottingham would be great, especially Castle Rock (love the VAT and Fiddle) and Neon Raptor, where on my most recent visit I had to be pointed towards the exit after necking a couple of cans of their 15% stouts :slight_smile: I still managed to walk out the wrong way. I had the pub out the back in my sights and like an Exocet missile, nothing was going to stop me getting there!

If it’s Nottingham on Friday, then maybe the Black Country on Sunday?

Be good to see you John … there’s folks on here who don’t believe you come from the Midlands and think you are an Aston Villa fan !

As for Sunday feel free to organise a Black Country tour but my pass out will be purely for Friday and Saturday.

Notts is certainly in the lead at present for the Friday trip … not been there since 2005 time I think.

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Sorry guys, I will be in Southern California for this one. Flights booked.


I should be ok for Nottingham on the Friday.

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Reasonably likely I should be able to do something this weekend. I’ll book the Friday off at any rate.

What time do you think you’ll be wrapping up on the Saturday?

I can make it over for around 7-ish if some are sticking around?

Can’t speak for others but id imagine there will still be a few folks about.
I tend to head south on the 2015 Marylebone.

Righto… if you’re still about for an hour I’ll make the journey over. Be good to see a few I’ve not met before.

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We’ll be moving in the summer, to the Bayerisch Wald region closer to the Czech border, so sadly won’t be able to make this, a bit sad as we really enjoyed the Cotteridge meet ups.

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In theory I’ll be there. My 3 month interrail expires on the 5th so almost certainly be in the country

I’ll stick the date on the calendar, I’m a bit short of leave this year so the Friday might be a stretch.
Would have thought I’ll be able to make the Saturday though. Enjoyed it last year.

Is it worth pinning this, as it has dropped right down the forum.

done … pinned for 3 months … will remove post event


I have to work pn the Saturday but will try to get out of it… although i may be hung over enough from Nottingham that i might not make Brum as well.

With just over 2 months to go @RichTheVillan and I have decided to firm up Nottingham as our Friday day trip plan, a City I’ve set foot in many times but not since 2006 IIRC, the only places I used to hit back them were the Castle Rock tap and the canal based brewpub (no more) … Fellows, Clayton and Morton.

I reckon we’ll aim to arrive Nottingham 1230/1300 time and head back around 2000.

I’ve not put any kind of firm list of venues together but seems the main brewery tap rooms which are slightly out of town open from 1600 so hit them last and with the aid of Uber if need be.

Something like the following venue wise should be achievable :-

Part i - till 1600ish
Old Trip (I’ve walked past it but never entered … a quick 5 minute half will be enough for me!)
Angel Microbrewery
A Castle Rock venue - whichever yields most rates

Part ii - post 1600 ish
Liquid Light
Neon Raptor
Black Iris

Also looking for local knowledge @Mr_Pink_152

Anything obvious for part i I’ve missed ? A cask place that has say 10 lines from the local area?
And which Castle Rock in your experience is best?

Plan for Birmingham on the Saturday TBC but we have some newer intel since my first post.

Seems the Cotteridge birthday bash will be the weekend after this one so no plans to trek out there.

Usual city centre (ish) venues I think is the way to go

Wellington from 1000
A Bundobust is due to open this summer (no firm date) a few doors down where the Pint Shop was
If not open perhaps Post Office Vaults
Halton & Turner in Digbeth
North Brewing
Head of Steam/Colmore if time allows

Listed above in no particular order … Halton Turner last may make sense

Tilt from 1500 to take down their taps and stage the tasting

Then whoever is left can visit other city centre venues post Tilt

I’ll be aiming for the 2015 Marylebone from Moor St

As always feel free to join for some or all or dip in and out at your leisure

For Nottingham…

My favourite Castle Rock place in Nottingham is the Keans Head. It’s fairly central (Lace Market) and therefore close to Junkyard.

It’s probably best to meet up at BeerHeadz as it is at the train station, and take in either the Barley Twist or Canal House on the way to the Trip. It’s then not far back across the city centre to the lace market area. for Junkyard, Keans Head and the Angel.

Before a short trip to Neon Raptor, etc. Fox and Grapes is also in this area.


Yes - I’d clocked Beer Headz on the station so was thinking of that to meet up (and / or finish)