Cotts/Notts/Birmingham Convention VII - SAT JULY 8th 2023

Yep. Staying at Comfort Inn.

Checking out Attic Barrel Store.


How was it ? How many on tap and mix of sour / non sour?

Typical tap in an industrial unit/archway set up. Barrels down one aide. Fresh paint. Pretty spacy. My main complaint was that the beers were listed on a chalkboard and they hadn’t written down all the styles so had to ask what some of them were.

I checked @jmgreenuk’s review because I couldn’t remember exact number of taps (I was to o busy trying ro hers my colleagues into confirming what they wanted to drink). Review mentions 10 but I think more were more on yesterday. There weer 4 guests (all Attic collabs, 1.was a cider), and I reckon at least 8 of Attic’s own beers. Only remember the one sour - an Attic/Pastore collab.

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When I was there there were something like 16 taps but only 10 were serving beers. The rest were dispensing alcopops and wine.

I’m on my way to the Attic brewery itself this evening. Hope they have more of their own beers on tap than they did in the Barrel Store :slight_smile:

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