Country Tick Help? Looking for places in the NL or that ship to it

Hi all,

As a country ticker its getting annoyingly more difficult to find new countries. People know that if they travel to place X that i am looking with puppy eyes for beer from place X and well… they hardly make their promise true…

So, do any of you guys know any shops/places that have some interesting country ticks either in The Netherlands or that ship to the NL

Don’t find it now but there was a tread like this for other countries. This one is covering same topic from a UK perspective: Where in the UK to find beer from difficult countries

Cheers // Thomas

Are you interested in a Gibraltar tick?

I think this is a good example of where rules get bent to give extra country ticks. That’s should be an Isle of Man tick. They don’t even pretend it’s not a Bushy’s beer.

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haha, yeah that one… can you get it for me? hmm

Yeah. I have an extra bottle

Need an Isle of Man tick🤣