Country ticks in Berlin

Me and a friend is going to Berlin next weekend and while my list of good beer places to visit is longer than what is possible to handle, I also like to find new country tick when I’m visiting a new, big city. So does anyone have any suggestions for that in Berlin?

Just recently moved there and have benn looing out for anything. If you find something let me know :slight_smile:

I think the best place for country tick is Aufsturz. If I do remember well they should have some Asian / South American pale lager.

Páramo Berlin has beers from Ecuador

Then around in town you could find some Russian / Polish / Turkish grocery stores with macros from those countries.

If I find something else I will update this post.

I forgot Ambrosetti. They have a nice selection of traditional bavarian beers, german craft beers and also some country ticks like Italy, Mexico, Mongolia, Lebanon.

On top of that you can have a look at the following places

Birra- Italian Craft Beer (Italy)

Bryggeri Helsinki in Berlin (Finland)

Szimpla Craft Beer Bar (Hungary)

Home (New Zealand)

Mongolia? Hmmm… you sure it’s not Germany-brewed Haus der 101 Biere bullshit?

This is the one that someone put available there in the past: Is my ‘go too’ beer shop when visiting Berlin and they do stock some ‘different International stuff’ when ever I have been in (Aug 2018 was my last visit).


Thanks, I have added these to my list.

I did manage to get Nepal while having dinner after a visit to Monterey they had two different at Mitho Cha!

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Paramo seems to be closed. No activity at Facebook in 2019 and I also did the trip to Lettestrasse 6A a week ago. No beers from Ecuador for me :disappointed_relieved:

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It is definitely closed. There is another bar/restaurant in there at least since june already.

Nooooooooooo. I’ve missed the chance to have some tick from Ecuador :frowning:

Me too. Wanted to go their in the beginning of June and the place was closed for reconstruction for a new venue.

Come to Switzerland, Ecuador is an easy tick here: