County Stat Attack - Mean and Median

Looking at one of the other threads and my low # of ratings for several counties got me thinking about what my average was.

Average # of ratings per county: 14.5
Median # of ratings per county: 7 (suggesting the top counties are carrying most of the load?)

Average score per county: 3.17
Median score per county: 3.23 (My England average is 3.28. I feel like this is interesting somehow but I haven’t had enough caffeine to put much thought into the math this morning. )

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OK, I’ll play.

5451 English ratings divided by 46 counties equals 118.5 per county.

Oxfordshire is 23rd in my list (therefore the Median), it sits at 93.

My average score for English beers is 3.21. Can’t be arsed to check the median as I see no point!



Fun stat!!

My mean is 85 rates per county. The closest actual county that comes close to this is Berkshire with 87.

The median rates per county is 50.5, between Tyne & Wear and Kent. So my big-ratings countiesalao are carrying significantly more weight.

The mean score by county is 3.31, a score shared by Notts, Herts and Essex.

The median score by county is 3.3, the same score as N and E Yorkshire and Kent.

Not sure what to take from all this except to say that Kent is the only county mentioned twice and is therefore the most average county, stats-wise.


I’ll half-play as too tired for full on maths!

Average ratings per county = 25.7
High = West Mids (211)
Low = Rutland and Isle Of Wight (0)
Median 23rd place = Bedfordshire (12)

Average Score for England = 3.31
High (of counties with 10+ rates) = West Yorkshire (3.49)
Low (of counties with 10+ rates) = Northamptonshire (2.64) - all those Carlsberg UK brews have dragged the county down!
Median = no idea!

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Not much has changed in my Stats since the original postings.

English rates now on 5614 (was 5451), divided by 46 = 122 per county (was 118.5).

Oxfordshire still my 23rd highest rated county, now at 95 (was 93).

Average score for English beers still sits at 3.21.

Happy Christmas!


Didn’t see this the first time around.

I have 2299 English rates, so an average of 50 per county.

My 23rd most-rated county is Lancashire on 34 (highest is London with 190, lowest is IoW with 7).

My average score for English beers is 3.09. (highest rated county is surprisingly Rutland at 3.48, lowest is Herefordshire at 2.68.

Not sure how relevant any of that is!

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1276 English rates, so 28 ish per county.
West Midlands my 23rd highest rated county with 12.
Average score for English beers is 3.34

Just spotted this and on a 50 minute bus ride to sample beers with @Stuu666 so plenty of time to work it out.

Total of 6,045 English beers which is just over 131 per county. Only 15 counties are above that, meaning the larger more populous counties are dragging the average up above the median rates per county, which must lie between 23rd county (West Sussex = 90) and 24th County Nottinghamshire = 87) making median 88.5.

CONCLUSION on number of rates per county, I’d be very surprised if the mean wasn’t always above the mean, for most users and most countries that are split into regions on Ratebeer. And it must be skewed even more, the less access you have to that country’s beers.

Average score for an English beer is 3.44. The median is 3.5 and the actual median beer (listed 3023rd out of 6045) is Gorgeous Brewery Gunpowder IPA.

Only 11 counties score above my English mean of 3.44 with 3 exactly on the mean. Nearly all of those counties above the mean are amongst those I’ve done most ratings for.

CONCLUSION on average scores per region- looking for ratings to get on lists for hard to find regions means you run into some very average beer.

NB : within half an hour, the average ratings per county will be out of date.

My English rate average is 3.34. The county that also has 3.34 as its average rate is Somerset. Therefore Somerset is my most ‘English’ county…

With 123 rates, my median rate (number 62) is… Boradoak Bristol Port Cider (Draught):

So my most ‘English’ of beer rates is a cider…

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