County Stat Attack Week 16 - Isle of Wight

Just the 1 for me. And yes, it was that Garlic Beer.

FWIW I got very little garlic from it. From what I discerned from earlier raters it seems the initial batches were quite strong and it’s been toned down a fair bit in recent years. Probably a good thing.

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Ah the Isle of Wight, another place where I spent a couple of months in my younger days and in a different working life. We were refurbishing (mostly tiling a pool and pool surroundings) at a holiday camp in Puckpool, near Ryde. We used to walk into Ryde most evenings and head into a couple of the pubs, played a lot of darts, pool and as I recall shove’a’happeny was quite popular so played a bit of this as well. We were there quite a few weeks so I actually got pretty handy at darts. We also watched plenty of music videos, I remember seeing Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence for the first time here and loved that song and video and looking at the release date that would make it 1990, I have to say I thought I was there earlier than that maybe 88-89, but regardless the IOW was ok. However I also remember that as it was a refurbishment we were working there out of season, so cold, dark and far from lively, regardless for someone in his late teens it was certainly a lot better than Shap, Cumbria. I used to recall finding and drinking Bulldog strong ale in bottles, question didn’t this used to be brewed by Courage? Anyway whilst on the IOW this was one of my regular go to beers in one pub, even way back then I’d become tired of Courage Best and Directors. I seem to recall that this is the first place that I ever tried Gales, they may have had a pub on the high street and I certainly remember having the Prize Old Ale for the first time.

Breweries with most ratings

Goddards 3

Ventnor 2

Yates 2

Scarecrow 1

I’ve had 8 beers from 4 breweries 2 of which are still in operation and 2 sadly closed.

My top five beers are

Yates Yule be Sorry 3.6

Ventnor Oyster Stout 3.4

Goddards Fuggle-Dee-Dum 3.4

Scarecrow Best 3.3

Goddards Duck Folly 3.3

No place ratings, however I suspect that many of the places in Ryde that FatPhil added on his excursion in 2019 would definitely have been places that I’d have been to 29 years previous, in fact a semi recognise a couple. (OMG as folk younger than me say, TWENTY NINE YEARS, it genuinely feels like maybe 10-12 years ago)

I am technically equal 48th as they are also on 8 ratings, annoyingly I am not on the list, surely I should go above them on some sort of beer difference ratio for my place ratings or overall beer ratings, incandescent with rage (actually I am not at all, quite indifferent if truth be known)


OK, I’ve got just 7 IoW rates - just outside the top 50, and my lowest rated county,

My top 3 are:
|Goddards Fuggle-Dee-Dum|3.1||
|The Garlic Farm (Black) Garlic Beer|3||
|Yates Undercliff Experience|2.9||

It says everything about the county that a garlic beer is my second highest rate! It’s actually my 2nd lowest rated county, with an average score of 2.79 across my 7 beers. I’ve had beers from two breweries - Goddards & Yates.

I’ve been to the IoW 3 times - however, the first two were before my RB days (one of them a pretty raucous camping trip in my uni days). My only trip since I joined RB was a family holiday in my first year of rating - I picked up 5 of my seven rates in that one trip but sadly failed to rate any places (even though I drank in several that I see are now on the site). If only I’d known then how difficult it was to get IoW rates I’d have tried harder!

I will definitely return to the IoW for a holiday at some point, because it really is a lovely place. Some of the highlights from my previous trips have been:

  • the exhibition about the British space programme (yes, we did have one!) at the Needles New Battery. It houses some of the rockets that were tested here.
  • Shanklin Chine after dark, when it’s all lit up with fairy lights and devoid of people and is really quite magical (plus I remember a nice old pub on the sea front at the bottom of it - Fisherman’s Cottage maybe?).
  • St Catherine’s Oratory was pretty atmospheric when a thick sea fog rolled in.
  • Alvin’s waffle house near Shanklin - don’t know if it’s still there but man they did good waffles!

I have not only been to the highest point on the island (St Boniface Down above Shanklin; 242m high and a lovely walk up from sea level), but I also bagged all the other hills on the IoW (as listed on at the time of my visit). The IoW is therefore (along with Cumbria) one of only two RB regions where I’ve climbed more hills than I’ve rated beers!


Thanks to @grumbo I have 1 IoW rate (from Goddard’s) which matches my visits to the county - that was back in the mid-Eighties, before my drinking days, and my only real memories are of the ferry, old tube trains and green buses, and ice cream and sunshine! Maybe one day I’ll return, who knows

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I’ve got 11 ticks from IOW. Have been and rated a couple of places on a work trip. Had a look around the depot and signal box at Ryde St Johns, lunch and a meeting at the steam railway, a ride on the steam railway and then a look around the museum. Back to Ryde then for the Spoons and a few beers.

I think I’ve picked up most of these at GBBF. Always a good spot to pick up the odd rare county rake.

Had 6 from Island, 4 from Goddards and 1 from Yates. Just need Boojum & Snark for the full set and they only opened last year.

Only Rutland lower for me on 9.


That work trip sounded like proper graft.

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A real shocker. Took me days to recover!

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Only 18 IoW rates for me, the highest being Godshill Christmas Mead with 3.6

In terms of Cideries, there are 3 active, with Godshill having the most offerings with 13

The top raters list for IoW ciders is led by @grumbo, with 7 raters having the full set of 3 IoW Cideries:

Isle Of WightCider Ratings

Isle Of WightCideries



Still catching up! This shouldn’t take long!

My lowest scoring county with 2 solitary ratings so I can name them all!

Goddards Ale Of Wight 3.2
The Garlic Farm (Black) Garlic Beer 3.1

Average of 3.15 is well below my English beer average of 3.44.

I am in top 50 of all 6 Northern Irish Counties, all 9 Welsh Counties, all 15 Scottish Regions. I am not in the top 50 of only 3 English Counties - I will get into Kent eventually, and Greater London when I can be bothered to give it some focus, but I’ll probably get into Isle Of Wight by 2035, if I manage to get there on holiday there, or later if I don’t.

I curse the administrators who decided it was a good idea to break it off from Hampshire. I wasn’t aware of any particular separatist movement.


Just noticed that Goddards and Boojum & Snark are selling the same beers but with their own branding and/or names. Brewed at Goddards. Will list the relevant beers at some point but it turns out that out of four B&S beers I bought three are Goddards beers which I also bought. Island scum.

Looks like B&S brew one-off beers at their own premises but their core beers are then Goddards collabs.

I take it you didn’t go to Boojum & Snark? Because if you did you would realize fast they have zero space to do anything more than crowlers at the taps. It’s a nano system at best. I believe that one of the “name withheld” associate brewer at Goddards helps a lot at Boojum & Snark. Which then blossomed into the collab/production level releases.

I did go. Just annoying that they only told me that tthe B&S Snark (renamed from South Island) and Goddards South Island were the same beer after I had ordered and drunk them. Same with their coffee stout and Red IPA. I’ve got two bottles of the former - one the Goddards labelling and one the B&S one. They could at least put Goddards x B&S on the front of the packaging.

Anyway, when I get home I will put the list down so they can be aliased.

While we are updating this thread. My Isle of Wight rates have increased from 9 to 26.

I picked up the garlic beer as a gift at Christmas last year. Interestingly it said the garlic was Spanish. I thought the points was it used Isle of Wight garlic.

The other 16 beers came from a day trip to the island in May this year. B& S was closed but did go to Wight Knuckle and a mini supermarket near the ferry that supplied a few new beers. Also grabbed a couple on the ferry over.


I’ve had that garlic beer in the fridge since the beginning of May when a pal got me one for my birthday. Can’t bring myself to open it. It’ll there next birthday I reckon :grimacing:


I’ve been to the island just the once for a few days back in '98, a likeable place. Need another trip because I’ve only the much mentioned garlic beer, which was passable

The Garlic Farm (Black) Garlic Beer 2.8 2.66 8/15/2020

Managed to get from 4 to 16 ticks whilst over there and 14/15 bottles to rate.

Depends on the ferry - the one we took out there had one IoW beer but the return ferry had 5 IoW beers so could get some ticks just that way.

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For anyone still needing an IoW tick, the Waitrose in Southsea (southern bit of Portsmouth) stocks a couple of the standard Goddards range - might save someone the extortionate ferry ticket to get to the island itself.

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Are you waiting the vampire apocalypse?