County Stat Attack Week 17 - West Midlands

Back into Metropolitan County territory this week, created in 1972 by taking parts of Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. It is the second most populous county in England after Greater London. The area has long been important industrially and commercially stretching way back to the Middle Ages, initially with wool and cloth manufacture but the current West Midlands became more involved with heavy industry during the Industrial Revolution. Birmingham itself becoming known as the city of 1000 trades, Coventry and Birmingham with motor manufacture, Wolverhampton with locks. The Black Country being the source of raw materials and the whole area well served with canal systems and rail links.

The principal river is the River Tame, the basin of which became the most urbanised in the United Kingdom. Whilst there is heavy urbanisation there are still green areas like the Meriden Gap between Coventry and Birmingham, Barr Beacon, Sandwell Valley and Sutton Park.

There are many cities and towns in the area, the most prominent would be Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Walsall and Dudley. Many of which are good for beer tours and pubs with a mixture of traditional and craft.

For Breweries in total we have 79 on Ratebeer, 52 currently Active and 27 Closed. There are 12 Client / Commissioner companies within these.

The oldest brewery we have for the West Midlands is Sarah Hughes Brewery (Est 1860 and still running).

Whilst the Sarah Hughes Brewery is well thought of in the West Midlands probably the 2 most famous would be William Butler & Co of Bilston (Est 1833) and Ansells Brewery of Aston Cross (Est 1838). William Butler Brewery was founded in Bilston but moved to Wolverhampton in 1874. The brewery became very successful across the Midlands building an estate of 830 pubs but finally succumbed to a buy out in 1960 becoming Mitchells & Butlers Ltd. The brewery closed in 1991 but parts of the old Springfield Brewery can still be seen. Joseph Ansell started brewing at the Hope & Anchor pub in Fisher Street in 1838 before opening a brewery in Hope Street in 1857. This brewery was much extended over the years and many smaller breweries bought out to increase distribution of the beer. In 1961 they merged with Ind Coop and Tetley Walker to form Allied Breweries with 2,400 pubs. After a series of strikes in the 70’s and early 80’s the brewery was closed and production moved to Burton upon Trent in 1981.

The brewery with the largest range we have on Ratebeer is Twisted Barrel Ale of Coventry (Est 2013) with 199 beers.

In the Ratebeer best awards the Best Brewer award went to Twisted Barrel Ale and the award for Best Beer was Twisted Barrel Big Wednesday. No New Brewery award was made.

The Overall to 10 Beers for West Midlands are -

  • Banks’s / Vasileostrovsky Burov Imperial Russian Stout R
  • Twisted Barrel Wrapped in Simcoe
  • Twisted Barrel Be Back Before Dawn
  • Banks’s / Three Weavers / Golden Road California Session IPA R
  • Banks’s / Feral Hop Hog R
  • Burning Soul Breakfast Stout
  • Fixed Wheel / Brewdog Birmingham Coffee Fix
  • Fixed Wheel Carbon Black R
  • Fixed Wheel Omerta R
  • Burning Soul Coconut Porter

The Top Bars for West Midlands on Ratebeer are –

  • Beer Gonzo Shop, Taproom & Lambic Bar, Coventry Earlsden - 96
  • Wellington (Black Country Inns), Birmingham – 94
  • Waggon and Horses (Black Country Ales), Halesowen – 93
  • Post Office Vaults, Birmingham – 92
  • Brewdog Birmingham – 90

There are also some extraordinary Bottle Shops in the area –

  • Cotteridge Wines, Birmingham, Cotteridge – 100
  • Stirchley Wines & Spirits, Birmingham, Stirchley – 97

The Top 5 Raters of beers from the West Midlands are –

You will require 60 beers from the West Midlands to enter the Top 50.

The Rater from the West Midlands with the most ratings is –

@RichTheVillan who sadly appears to have ceased rating at the end of 2020.

The highest placed Rater still in operation is @johndoughty


Saturday 6th July 2013. My first RateBeer ‘meeting’.

Colin (@Theydon_Bois ) had organised a Black Country Bus trip.

That day changed my life!



A modest 29 beers sampled. This can be excused only by the fact that I avoid the combine of Burton-on-Trent as far as I can as a kind of vestigial memory of why CAMRA was founded in the first place. It also reflects the fact that if I see Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild I am inclined to drink it and it precludes all others. A small gesture away from compulsive ticking which is what I have drifted steadily towards since joining RB, although my low totals reflect some kind of resistance to the trend I suppose. That said, I must seek out some more Twisted Barrel as it seems to produce interesting stuff. And Burning Soul has so far alluded me. I have to concede that most of my trips to Brum and Coventry have been far more business than pleasure so its beer scene is essential terra incognita, although I think my Rugby-based son induced me once to meet him at the Post Office Vaults (the beer we selected was certainly not local, possibly even Japanese if I recall). I wonder if the presence of great Bottle shops might tend to reduce consumption of local beer? Somehow a holiday spent in the Black Country would seem like a contradiction in terms, although that is no sooner written than repented as reflecting my own ignorance. And tbh, it would be easy to stray into adjoining counties without realising it. But if anyone can wax as lyrical about the West Midlands as they can about Derbyshire, I will be surprised. Apart from the unbeatable Ruby Mild, I seem to be taken with Holden’s Toffee Porter and Twisted Barrel’s Dubbel “Dark Knight Rises.” I look forward to reading the top raters reflections on WM drinking.


I was on that trip too, hazy memories but I don’t remember getting all the way round on the same bus.


This didn’t exist when I was born within its current borders, Meriden in fact but my early years were spent in Harborne (the Village to us). I still have very strong ties and go there a lot, the pubs, family and of course, The Blues. Writing the initial piece for this the term urbanised came up a lot, but that’s not how I remember it as we lived between farms and a golf course and being the 60’s there was little restraint at the time on where you could go and what you could do. The local sand-pits were brilliant, they would be a parents nightmare these days. Loads of parks, scouring the golf course for lost balls, our dog Bobby was brilliant at finding them, and selling them back. Buckets of horse manure from the farm and sold to the local gardeners, we had a cracking time growing up. I do remember when the WM Metropolitan County came into being, my Grand-dad was livid, he had served with the Royal Warwickshire’s, a Desert Rat in Monty’s army and also the Italian landings and lived in Warwickshire all his life, he didn’t want anything to do with Staffordshire, who they thought were the enemy, he had the hump about it ever after.

Sporting connections are obvious, mind I thought I had been to every Football ground in the W.M but realised I hadn’t been to the Ricoh and while that lot are squatting at our place it’s not likely either. I’ve been going to Stans since my Grand-dad took me when I was 5, there were massive crowds and yet the kids all went down the front of the kop and joined up with family members at the final whistle, my other Grand-dad, who was more interested in Cricket took me to Edgbaston regularly too. I was hooked early and my son and hopefully Grandson are Bluenoses, I’ll get the little fella there as early as possible.

Walking in the county is a different matter, the Lickey Hills were part of our play-ground, so there is that and many of the canals are worth following, particularly the Birmingham Worcester, but apart from pub crawls around the Black Country and Hockley that’s as far as it goes. The best walk is along the Warwick and Coventry Roads via the Anchor and Crown pubs in Digbeth heading for Stans and the match.

Let’s get it out now, I am number 1 in the rankings for the West Midlands and have been since the records started after the England regions split, however, I always feel as though that makes me a target as several of the locals can get the beers more easily than I can, lock-down has really slowed me down for WM rates. I have 559 West Midlands ratings placing it as my 9th highest county, numerous visits and Beer Festivals across the region help with that. I have an average of 3.19 for the beers from the area showing that I try anything I can pick up from there. I have tried beers from 59 different Breweries too, placing me top of that list too.

The West Midlands Breweries where I have most ratings are –

  1. Banks’s Beer (Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Co.) – 81
  2. Davenports Beer – 41
  3. Green Duck Beer Co. 41
  4. Sadler’s Ales (Closed) – 38
  5. Holdens Brewery – 35

I have 11 beers that I have rated 4 or over, the best are –

  1. Twisted Barrel Sine Qua Non – 4.5
  2. Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild – 4.1
  3. Smiles Bristol IPA – 4.1
  4. Bathams Special Strong Ale (XXX) – 4.1
  5. Burning Soul Colin the Conqueror – 4.1

I have had 8 beers from the West Midlands top 10, must try and get the other 2, both Twisted Barrel beers.

My highest rated Breweries with 5 and over beers in West Midlands are –

  1. Burning Soul Brewery – 3.636
  2. Dig Brew Co. – 3.578
  3. Twisted Barrel Ales – 3.526
  4. Rock & Roll Brewhouse – 3.463
  5. Froth Blowers Brewing – 3.417

I have rated 64 places in the West Midlands making it my 5th best County, my favourite pubs / bars are –

  1. Cotteridge Wines, Birmingham – 96 (I’m counting this as a bar as it has the drinking room)
  2. Wellington (Black Country Inns), Birmingham – 88
  3. Post Office Vaults, Birmingham – 88
  4. Beer Digbeth, Birmingham now closed – 86
  5. Lych Gate Tavern (Black Country Inns), Wolverhampton – 84
  6. Waggon & Horses (Black County Inns), Halesowen – 84

No Sarah Hughes in the top 10?? Bathams Bitter?? Criminal.

Yes parts of the old Mitchell & Butler brewery can be seen as you’re pulling out of Wolverhampton Station on the right side (or if you’re sat the other way, it’s on your left side). They will probably be an exciting commercial development soon.

A lot of brewing history here, and some great brewpubs with a surprising amount of micropubs scattered about. A pain to get to them all, but no doubt a bus afficionado would plot an efficient route.

However, as @theprof above has suggested, the areas reputation as an industrial wasteland has probably put ppl off, but I’d say couple a visit with Worcestershire for scenic family stuff (kinver rock caves, West Mids Safari Park (close to Sarah Hughes & Bathams) , Severn Valley Railway - itself bookended with two fantastic pubs) and I’d say that’d rival the memories of a weekend in Derbyshire.

Don’t forget the Crooked House pub too. Yes it’s real


Used to drink at the crooked house occasionally when i worked in Brum mid late 90’s … some of the Black Country girls from the office, who were solid drinkers, used to live near to it.
Recall a windowsill where a ball bearing would appear to roll up it !


I still recall the mountain of food laid on at the wagon and horses for what … £3 or £4 per head.

Could have fed a loaded double deck bus let alone a half loaded coach !


My memories of that day are many (surprisingly).

I was having a quiet chat with @chriso and his wife in The Great Western (we half knew each other through mutual friends) when ‘the London train’ posse came in. My pint of Batham’s Best was grabbed and an almost empty, warm bottle of Rumanian Lager thrust into my hand by @madmitch76 (who I’d never met before). No introduction, just “Do you like Lager?” and 'Have This".

Meeting Glen for the first time, we were sitting in a quiet corner of The Beacon Hotel drinking Sarah-Hughes Ruby Mild. Colin (@Theydon_Bois ) rushes into the room and shouts at us that the bus was full and everyone else was waiting for us. Our leisurely pace causing a stir with the mega-tickers who had all shared a half of everything the pub had on offer and were keen to hit another hostelry.

Was all great fun and most enjoyable, still can’t get over the sharing of half-pints by so many people. I just had a couple of halves to myself in each pub and looked on in amazement. I think some of the group rated 80 or so beers, I had plenty to drink, but nowhere near that many different beers. The only non-cask beer I had all day was a warm and flat Nenea Iancu Bere Blondă Specială.




Might return back to rating when I go back shopping at Cotteridge and going to pubs again.

I’m just drinking old favourites at the moment, mostly Fullers


Wagon Bob puts on a great spread, still drink with him occasionally. The Wagon is now a Black Country Ales pub


I love Brum. A few years ago I was asked to provide some coaching to the team up there and it turned out that a couple of the guys were into their beer so they organised a pub crawl. I now try to get up there for coaching at least once a year. Although it is an unlucky place for me as well because on 5 occasions I’ve had to cancel trips there – last year as well as Cotts being cancelled I was also due to go up on a Thursday and go for drinks after work (Digbrew and Ricardo’s were on the list) and then take the Friday off for a Black County crawl. One of the guys lives about 5 minutes’ walk from the Beacon Hotel.

The old offices were about a 40 min walk out of the centre, but they’ve now moved right into the centre of the city so looking forward to getting up there and straight out into some pubs. There are two Highgate beers I need to tick off from Protz 300, although I’ve just noticed that only the the Dark Mild is still being brewed by Davenports. They were out of season when I visited the Bulls Head.

Otherwise the only place I’ve been to recently is Stourbidge, in order to ticks of Bathams and Holdens beers.

If it had not been for cancellations, I’d have had more than the 48 West Midlands beers + 1 cider that are in my stats. 17 breweries and the one cidery.

• Dig Brew – 9
• Banks’s – 7
• Holdens/Sarah Hughes – 5
• Bathams/Fownes/Sadler’s – 3
• Black Country/Burning Soul – 2
• 1 apiece from Davenports, Dhillons, Glasshouse, Green Duck, Indian, Mashionistas, Silhill, Twisted Barrel and then Aston Manor.

My Top rated beers:

  1. Sarah Hughes Ruby Dark Mild @ 4.0
  2. Bathams Mild : 4.0
  3. Glasshouse/Brewdog Birmingham Li’l Sebastiean @ 3.7
  4. Dig Brew Eddie Fights Judge Doom @ 3.7
  5. Equal 3.6 = Sarah Hughes Snowflake; Green Duck Duck & Dive; Dig Brew Thoughts & Prayers

Top Places:

  1. Cotteridge Wines
  2. Brewdog Birmingham
  3. Beacon Hotel
  4. Wolf
  5. Craven Arms

I’ll be submitting a full report later, but I thought I’d better correct some statements made earlier in this thread.

  1. Sarah Hughes may be the oldest working brewery in the county, but it was closed for about 30 years before it roepened in 1987. Similarly Olde Swan / Ma Pardoes (which I’m surprised no-one has mentioned yet) has had periods of closure. That would make Bathams the oldest continuously operating brewery in the county.

  2. Whilst it is correct to say Butlers (Springfield) brewery in Wolverhampton was bought out in 1960 becoming part of Mitchells and Butlers (M & B), it shouldn’t be thought that this was the same Butlers. M & B was formed by a merger of Mitchells and Butlers in 1898 !

  3. Kinver is in Staffordshire !


I like Birmingham and the Black Country, some wonderful people, pubs and beer in the area. Wolverhampton also has a few decent places to drink in (and it’s on the same rail line as Birmingham for me). The area is very accessible for me, although getting to some places in ‘The Black Country’ can be a problem.

I’ve reviewed 41 places and visited plenty more that I could and maybe should have written about. This puts the West Midlands in 3rd, behind Shropshire and London. My top scorers are Cotteridge, Stirchley Wines and Spirits, the Wellington and the Beacon Hotel.

Beer wise I’ve had 243 which puts me 9th in the league. It’s my 5th highest County overall.

Top Beers:
Davenports IPA Export Bitter (Bottled)
Sarah-Hughes Dark Ruby Mild
followed by two beers each from Batham’s, Burning Soul and Holden’s.

36 Breweries, 8 of which have closed. Aston Manor Cidery has also seen some of my money with 4 hits.
Banks’s = 41 beers
Holdens = 23 beers
Sadler’s = 22 beers (closed)
Backyard = 20 beers

Top Breweries:
Burning Soul @ 3.48 on 13 beers
Olde Swan @ 3.42 on 5 beers
Black Country Ales @ 3.38 on 6 beers



A mere 7 ticks for me but some notable comments within that 7:

  • Druids Celtic Cider - “Not awful but not great… the homeless guy on the street seemed quite pleased with his six pack.” (In Dublin, which feels a bit crass in hindsight)
  • Mansfield Original Bitter - I was apparently the first North American rater of this. (Which it seems I was quite pleased about at the time. lol)
  • Of the 7 they were obtained in 6 different places - GBBF, Turf Tavern in Oxford, Centra in Dublin, Home of extended family in Winchester, LCBO store in Toronto, A can brought back from the UK by a friend.

There’s some “bostin” good pubs in the West Midlands. And I visit there quite frequently since I have several friends with whom the most convenient place to meet up is Wolverhampton (though only one actually lives there). And this was before I met Black Haddock as well.

I have rated 33 West Midlands beers from 13 breweries. Top in terms of numbers being

Black Country 6
Green Duck 5
Fixed Wheel 3
Froth Blowers 3

Including my own records I have drunk 192 West Midlands beers from 33 different breweries (some sadly no longer with us).

Backyard 24
Banks 17
Green Duck 17
Sadlers 17 (not counting those brewed by Hawkshead)
Fixed Wheel 16

Some of my highest rated beers also come from the West Midlands, the highest rated being

Holdens Black Country Mild 4.2
Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby 4.2
Fixed Wheel Blackheath Stout 4.0
Halton Turner Primo 3.8
Green Duck Plum Dumb 3.7

In terms of venues, I’ve only actually rated 5 places in the county – all in Wolverhampton (including one that has closed). But obviously I have been to many more. Lumping them all together, I would guess my top places would be

Great Western, Wolverhampton
Vine (Bull & Bladder), Brierley Hill
Lych Gate, Wolverhampton
Cherry Reds, Birmingham
Beacon Hotel, Sedgley

With an honourable mention going to Hogshead in Wolverhampton.


Just the 5 West Midlands rates for me, which is a surprise since it’s a neighbouring county - couple from Banks’s, couple from Leviathan and one from Glasshouse - those last two breweries certainly ones to keep an eye on. Also have a couple of Green Duck’s in the cellar (beers, not envious aquatic birds). Historically I will have had loads of different beers from the county.

In days gone by, there have been a number of trips to Birmingham and Wolverhampton, both of which have a number of decent pubs, both traditional and modern crafty places. One of the most recent trips was a train to New Street, couple of beers in the city (Welly & Old Contemptibles) then a tram to somewhere and a pint in a back street boozer, tram to West Brom and beers in a couple of places, then on to somewhere else (beginning with B, Bilston maybe - where we got lost) and more beers, and finally the tram to Wolves and in to the Great Western before the train home. Cracking day out, met some brilliant people, never really knew where we were, but had a ball. Must repeat. Soon.


It’s good to get back to a more traditionally ‘beery’ county after the likes of Surrey, IOW and East Yorks. My rates for the West Midlands skyrocketed between 2017 and 2020, due to frequent visits to Birmingham & the surrounding area, as well as living in a city with two Black Country Ales pubs (they tend to feature a good amount of W Midlands beer). Now I have 87 rates, putting me at a respectable 37th in the table.

Most of my W Midlands beers have been sampled in pubs or at beer festivals, so my rates have really suffered over the last year. I have only had two beers from the county since the lockdown, and both of them were drunk in pubs during that brief period where we were allowed out.

I’ve rated beer from 25 breweries in total, with Banks’s Beer leads the way (12, probably due to all those JDW collabs), followed by Twisted Barrel (10), the defunct Sadlers (9), then Black Country and Fixed Wheel with 7 each. Tap takeovers have helped me get a couple of the breweries into decent figures.

(I have a habit of getting Twisted Barrel and Fixed Wheel mixed up, and this will only be made worse by the new-ish brewery called Twisted Wheel which, thankfully, isn’t in the West Midlands).

The best-rated beers from the area are:

Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild (3.9)
Backyard The Hoard (3.8)

Followed by a fair few at 3.7:

Marston’s Revisionist Rye Pale Ale
Twisted Barrel Detroit City Sour (Citra)
Fixed Wheel G-Whizz
Fixed Wheel Stelvio
Twisted Barrel / Mashionistas Satsumatra

I’ve rated 39 places in the West Midlands, which is joint 6th for me. The top pubs are

Tilt, Birmingham (94)
Bartons Arms (Oakham), Birmingham – Aston (92)
Post Office Vaults, Birmingham (90)

I’ve got some great memories of Birmingham from the last 5-10 years and can’t wait to get back. I know that I have only scratched the surface of the beer scene in Birmingham and I’ve not really been to all that many places outside the centre.


I grew up in South Birmingham before my family moved the short distance to Bromsgrove, Worcestershire where I lived for 25 years. After my work relocated to near the NEC I moved back up into the area around 6 years ago.

114 rates for me which I think puts me around 30th last time I looked. My brewery rates are:

Attic Brew – 17
Aston Manor – 11
Fownes – 10
Backyard – 8
Bank’s – 7
Birmingham Brew, Dhillons, Glasshouse, Leviathan, Silhill, Two Towers – all 6
Black Country, Burning Soul, New Invention – all 5
4 breweries make up the remainder.

None of these have been drank in a pub, its all supermarket, bottle shop or mixed packs from breweries. Hopefully this will change by the summer. A mention to Connolly’s Wine Merchants who seem to have the best webshop for local beer.

My top rated beers are:
Glasshouse Supposed to be so Easy 4.2
Leviathan Every Day Comes and Goes 4.2
Attic Brew Co / Trinity Decisions 4.1
Leviathan Messe Noire 4.1
Glasshouse Poetic Differences 4
Attic Brew Co / Dig Brew Close Encounter 4
Fownes Downfall 4

My top rated Breweries are:
Glasshouse 3.88
Leviathan 3.75
Burning Soul 3.72

I’ve noticed that Glasshouse have managed to get some of their beers onto Honest Brew so I’m hoping that’s a sign of better distribution for some of local breweries going forward.

Special mention to Aston Manor cidery who sit bottom of all my ‘breweries’ at 2.18 with the lovely Frosty Jacks being a particular favourite. Seriously is there a worse cidery out there?

I’ve only had 5 of the top 50 beers in the region but this is partly because I’ve not yet had a single Twisted Barrel beer yet but I’ll get there!

No real place ratings here except a crappy Greene King pub near me. Looking forward to getting into Birmingham again.


I really like the West Midlands and due to it being relatively close to where I used to live (just over an hour) we visited there frequently. I also lived in Worcester for a few years in the late 80’s and early 90’s and so it was even closer from there. When I was in my local branch of CAMRA in Worcester, visiting the Black Country for a pub tour was a fairly regular thing, so many of those classic pubs in Wolverhampton, Bilston, Birmingham I have been to. Also following my beloved Worcester City FC saw me hit quite a few of the Non-League grounds in this area, Moor Green, Solihull Borough (before they combined), Halesowen Town, Dudley Town etc. Also saw the mighty Worcester knock Coventry City out of the FA Cup at the Ricoh a few years back, we took over 3,500 fans. I agree that the West Midlands is not exactly a destination place for a holiday, however we frequently stopped there in the Camper at Chapel Lane campsite, Wythall and then headed into Birmingham or to Cotteridge, have also stopped at a site near Coventry but usually tended to do a wild camp not far from Twisted Barrel, whereupon we would head there on a Friday night and then to Beer Gonzo on a Saturday morning to stock up on beers. Some great architecture, fantastic canals, great gig venues, and really nice folk. I like this area a lot!


The West Midlands has the 7th highest amount of rates of all my English counties, I have rated 37 places with an average rating of 74 which is looking at my English counties is actually quite high. No surprise to see Cotteridge, Twisted Barrel and Beer Gonzo at the top of the tree, in fact all three of them and not forgetting the Barton Arms are amongst my highest rated places, only the Grove, Huddersfield has a higher rating than Cotteridge.

Top Places

Cotteridge Wines 94

Twisted Barrel Brewery Tap House 92

Beer Gonzo, Taproom and Lambic Bar 90

Barton Arms (Oakham) 90

Cherry Reds Café-Bar 88

Paper Duck 88

Wolf 88

In terms of overall ratings I am happy with my mid table position of 24th and 143 ratings, I sit just behind @DanielBrown and @Mr_Pink_152 and level with @minutemat so I am in good company, though I expect that with less and less exposure to beers from the West Midlands moving forward I am likely to slip further and further down the list.

Top Beers

I was really surprised to see that the beer which is top of my ratings list is from a brewery that I had only had one beer from, Angel brewery from Halesowen, it is a 5% stout that I had at the NWAF Manchester in 2012, in fact 4 of the 7 ratings were 4 or above and the other 3 were not bad either, I am not sure if they still produce it but for a modest strength stout is was highly rated. The others in the list don’t surprise me, with Burning Soul, Twisted Barrel both showing along with another random selection, Oddbins No.6 Belgian IPA brewed actually in Scotland by Six Degress North.

Angel Banefyre 4.2

Twisted Barrel Its Aliiive 4.1

Oddbins No.6 Belgian IPA 4.0

Twisted Barrel/Dark Revolution Lokai 4.0

Burning Soul Up Past 11 4.0

Twisted Barrel Babalon 4.0


I have had beers from 28 breweries from the West Midlands 6 of which are no longer operating, *I wasn’t aware that Sadler’s had closed.

Twisted Barrel 40

Banks 17

Sadlers *14 Closed

Burning Soul 9

Davenports 8

Holdens 7