County Stat Attack Week 20 - Cambridgeshire

Nottingham BF isn’t funded by CAMRA from what I understand, they have some sort of deal with the council so they have some autonomy, however, CAMRA leant on them last year to not run it, hopefully they won’t get involved this year. I believe they have to have everything in place by August to be able to run it, so lets hope. I’m keeping an eye on it to see if I need to get tickets.

Always welcome to Suffolk for some hote goldes:

WELCOME to the 2021 29th East Anglian Beer & Cider Festival - Bury St Edmunds Beer & Cider Festival (

It’s certainly an option. What are the chances of it happening though? It’s a CAMRA festival and I would presume they have to get the go ahead pretty soon.

They announced it after BoJo plan, so I think they will continue unless there a change over the next month or so. I’m keeping hope as I’ll take holiday from work and rake all the beers.

I have just provisionally booked a camp site near Thurston in case it happens. Fortunately we were staying in Cambridge Cherry Hinton the week before so I can add it on and there is a train service from Thurston. Let’s hope it happens.

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I have got a list of beer places to go to when we’re in Cambridge next weekend. But can anyone recommend a good pub for a Sunday lunch? Tried a couple such ad Pint Shop but they’re all booked up.

Edit: booked the Chop House. I have been shown photographic evidence of me in there but have no memory of this occasion.


Still catching up - sorry for bringing these old topics to the top of the UK/Ireland topics listings.

Anyway, having never visited Cambridge (to the best of my knowledge) it was one of the first few counties where I made the top 50 list. The reasons were,

  1. The broad availability across the UK of Oakham beers.
  2. The big range of Elgoods on Beers Of Europe.
  3. A tap takeover by Black Bar in Edinburgh about 10 years ago.

Despite being an early top 50 lister, it is just 29th of the 46 counties in terms of total ratings - just 77 - with an average score of 3.44 which is a little above my English beer average of 3.42. My ratings place me 34th and safe for now in the top 50.

Two beers have attracted a score of 4 or more - both recent and both from Pastore.

Pastore Il Segreto 4.3
Pastore Budino Acido 4.0

I would love to visit at some point, and I’m sure I will.