County Stat Attack Week 34 - Greater London

It took its time but it has finally arrived, the ceremonial county that holds our great capital city and the most populated county in the country. Officially formed in 1963 absorbing parts of Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey along with the whole of Middlesex. Greater London itself is not a city as such but the much smaller Cities of London and Westminster make up part of the conurbation.

The City of London, or square mile, is the historic heart of the area, settled by the Romans in the 1st century AD, now referred to as The City. This is where the UK’s Trading and financial services industries are centred. Londinium was the lowest point on the Thames that could be bridged by the Romans and became the centre of Roman road building and a major port. The city declined along with the Roman Empire and came under numerous attacks where many of the Roman buildings were sacked. It’s renaissance came under the Anglo Saxons under whom the capital moved from Winchester. After the Norman invasion London was surrendered to William 1st who built 3 castles to defend it including The Tower of London. England’s progress has always gone hand in hand with London at its centre, virtually all the King’s & Queen’s ruling from there, then Parliament has been centred there at the Royals side. It has had its time of disaster, The Great Fire of 1666, The Black Death and the German Bombings have all shaped its path.

Enough of all that I hear you say, we are here for the beer. On Ratebeer we have an enormous total of 281 Breweries listed, 205 active and 76 now closed. A remarkable 88 of these are Client / Commissioner brewers.

The oldest we have on Ratebeer was Youngs of Wandsworth (Est 1831) at The Ram Brewery. However in 2006 the owners decided to close the Ram Brewery and brew at the short lived Wells and Youngs in Bedford and become a pub company in essence. Wells & Youngs took on many different forms after that and are now run by Marstons with Youngs beers being produced within their many breweries. The other great London brewer we have is Fullers of Chiswick (Est 1845). Beer had been produced on the Griffin Brewery site for 350 years but John Fuller was brought in when there were money problems and the company Fuller, Smith & Turner came into being. In 2019 Fullers sold all its drinks related business including the Griffin Brewery to Asahi of Japan for £250 million, under the promise that Asahi would continue to brew on the site, we shall see how that turns out.

In the 2020 Ratebeer awards the best brewery was the Kernel Brewery, in addition their Kernel India Double Porter Citra Simcoe was awarded best beer. The Best Newcomer Brewery was Drop Project Brewing Co.

The Top 10 Beers for Greater London are –

  1. Fullers Vintage Ale 1999 R
  2. Beavertown / Caravan Coffee Spresso 2016 Edition R
  3. Beavertown / Three Floyds Tempus Project – Heavy Lord
  4. Beavertown / Three Floyds Tempus Project – Heavy Lord Coffee
  5. Beavertown / Naparbier Bone King R
  6. Kernel India Pale Ale Double Citra R
  7. Fuller’s Imperial Stout (10.7%)
  8. Kernel Imperial Brown Stout London 1856 (Glen Garioch Barrel Aged) R
  9. Kernel Imperial Brown Stout London 1856
  10. Kernel India Double Porter Citra Simcoe

The Top 8 Bars for Greater London are –

  1. Craft Beer Co, Clerkenwell - 99
  2. Cask Pub & Kitchen, Pimlico - 98
  3. Hop Burns & Black, Peckham Rye - 96
  4. Euston Tap (West), Euston - 96
  5. Mother Kelly’s Tap Room, Bethnal Green (E2) - 95
  6. Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak - 95
  7. Beavertown Brewery, Tottenham - 95
  8. Kernel Brewery, Bermondsey – 95

The Top 5 Raters of Greater London beers are –

  1. @Leighton
  2. @Theydon_Bois
  3. @mR_fr0g
  4. @madmitch76
  5. @Scopey

The Rater who resides in Greater London with the most overall ratings is
@Leighton Who happily is still rating with us.


Good old London (some say). Used to hate going to be honest, still don’t like huge hunks of it South of the River. My son has lived down there since 2002 and moved area’s many times, one of my brothers also lives in London. So we visit (or used too) fairly regularly to stay with either of them. I slowly began to enjoy my trips more when I started discovering some decent pubs and obtaining a good bus route map. We used the underground before then and we missed so much of London, we might have got to our destination quicker, but didn’t actually see London at all.

I’ve managed to rate 424 beers (@ 3.23) and review 77 places, this puts the region 2nd in my stats behind Shropshire in both beers rated and place reviews.

Top Beers

Top Places

Olympia - Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) 94 94 8/8/2019
CASK Pub & Kitchen 86 98 4/3/2012
Utobeer Market Stall 84 86 3/29/2012
Harp 82 88 3/29/2012
Crown & Anchor Brixton 82 80 2/2/2017
Market Porter (Fuller’s) 80 84 3/29/2012
Old Red Cow (CLOSED) 80 83 9/14/2014 9/14/2014
White Horse on Parson’s Green 78 92 3/29/2012
Southampton Arms 78 95 4/2/2012
Knights Templar (JDW) 78 70 8/1/2014

67 Breweries have been sampled, 6 of which are now closed. 2 Cideries and 1 Mead producer have also been found by me.

My most rated breweries reads pretty poorly with Fullers at the top with over 50 rates, no problem with that, but it’s then followed by M&S, Lidl and Sainsbury’s before Beavertown and Gipsy Hill turn up. By far the most highly rated brewery is Weird Beard at 3.7 from 11 beers, second is Fullers at 3.53.

I’ve grown to like London, some of it’s beers and certainly some of it’s pubs, but if there is a choice of new beers for me to try in a bar or shop I will pass over a London brewed beer for almost anywhere else.



I know what you mean about discovering how to get about by bus rather than by underground, you get much more of a feel for the city, particularly in the evening, twilight. Much more enjoyable. Couldn’t believe the first time at the Southampton Arms where we exited the bus and literally 2 steps later we were inside the pub.


Margie and I go straight upstairs so we can see more, we sometimes press the buzzer and get off just to visit an interesting looking pub if we are in no hurry to reach the original stop.



It had to happen at some point and I am going to go straight in and declare a great love of going to our capital city and try to get in a few trips a year for the purpose of drinking beer. This hasn’t always been the case though, I can remember the bad old days where just about every pub was either Fullers or Youngs and you really had to travel about to get anything different. These days you can just pick an area and spend a full day there, however the more touristy parts still don’t need to try very hard to get anything unusual and often don’t.

I have been visiting London with mates since my early teens, my best mate is a Fulham fan so we had occasional trips there and always used to get to the Blues games throughout the Smoke, wherever, it didn’t seem to matter, although The Den and Upton Park used to be interesting days, with our Midlands accents. Our extremely rare trips to Wembley are always great, beating Wengers boys in the League Cup Final is particularly fondly remembered. Loads of concerts, especially Hammersmith Odeon, loads of larks down there. Having said all this I have had no desire to move there, it’s just nice to keep it to visits.

Whilst London is my second highest ‘county’ for ratings I am never really going to be a contender there. According to Ratebeer I have had 973 different London beers, my records are much lower as I record to the actual brewery rather than the likes of commissioners like Marks & Spencer’s, Lidl and Sainsbury’s. The 973 beers though puts me into 22nd place for Greater London. This is across 112 different breweries, which I am presuming is my highest for any county but doesn’t get me near the top 10 for Greater London. My London ratings have an average of 3.22, which is okay I suppose.

The Breweries I have had most beers from are –

  1. Marks & Spencers Stores – 92 (Certainly not recorded like this in my own records)
  2. Fuller’s (Asahi) – 85
  3. Kernel Brewery – 57
  4. Sainsbury’s – 41 (See Marks & Spencers above)
  5. Brew By Numbers – 30

I have rated 54 different beers with a score of 4 or over, probably another record, the best are –

  1. Kernel India Pale Ale Citra – 4.7
  2. Twickenham Pale Beauty – 4.5
  3. Kernel Imperial Brown Stout London 1856 – 4.5
  4. Grand Union One Hop: Simcoe – 4.4
  5. Partizan Stout FES – 4.4
  6. Partizan Pale Ale Amarillo Pacific Jade – 4.4
  7. Beavertown / Caravan Coffee Spresso 2016 Edition – 4.4
  8. Beavertown / Boneyard Bloody Notorious – 4.4
  9. Fullers 1845 – 4.3
  10. Weird Beard Sadako (Heaven Hill BA) – 4.3

The Greater London Breweries with my highest average are –

  1. Kernel Brewery – 3.691
  2. Hammerton Brewery – 3.688
  3. Redemption Brewing Co. – 3.655
  4. Grand Union – 3.643
  5. Pressure Drop brewing – 3.625

I have reviewed 112 places in Greater London, my 4th highest county in that regard, my favourite places are –

  1. Craft Beer Co, Clerkenwell – 96
  2. Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak – 88
  3. Mother Kelly’s Tap Room, Bethnel Green – 86
  4. Our Black Heart, Camden – 84 (Might have been tipsy when I reviewed this will have to re visit)
  5. King William IV (Brodies), Leyton (Now Closed) – 84
  6. Harp, Charing Cross – 84
  7. Craft Beer Co, Covent Garden – 84

I have never really given myself the opportunity to do a lot of walking through London, other than pub crawls, so a bit of a blank there, I just love wandering around as you never get the feeling of being lost. Overall London gets a thumbs up from me.


I think I may have mentioned on here that I recently(ish) moved away from London after 13 or so years…this thread is one of the first things that has made me miss it at all! So many great venues, in particular.

And remember when Beavertown were good? Great days.


Greater London? Never heard of it.

Seriously though, I’m quite enamoured of the capital and the beer scene (or rather, the multiple beer scenes) there. When I lived in Bedford (going back to 2014), t was excited to find a new Charles Wells beer in a pub, so going to London was like an alcoholic kid in a candy store. Of course, London hasn’t changed but the scene in (much of) the Shires is better, so London may have lost that little bit of specialness. However I used to try to travel at least 3 times a year, usually more, pre-COVID.

I’ve got 382 rates, more than any other county by some way. Not enough to get me on the leaderboard of course. Some good beer drunk, with 2 Black IPAs at the top:

I’ve drunk beer from 57 breweries (50 still open which isn’t bad in this climate). Top of the lot is Kernel with 42, followed by Fuller’s (41), Beavertown (31), Weird Beard (27) and Fourpure (24). Sad how three of those aren’t owned by themselves anymore, I suppose that’s the nature of the business but even still quite sad.

The top-rated breweries are Kernel (3.64) followed by Weird Beard (3.6), Brick (3.58) and surprisingly Hammerton (3.57).

What amazes me is how few of certain breweries I’ve had - only 2 from Gipsy Hill for instance - so I still think my London rates are decided by what is available around me at the time.

I’ve also rated more places in London than anywhere at 129. The top place was the now-closed BottleShop in Bermondsey which @harrisoni introduced me to. The best of the remaining pubs/bars/shops are:

A lot of the top ones are early rates - none later than 2015. I’m not sure that Euston Tap would be top now, but the rest are solid places to go even now.

First beer: first London rate was Portobello Star at the White Horse in Bedford.
Last beer: a gorgeous red ale from Three Sods, a brewery new to me, at the Old Windmill in Coventry.

First place: The Queens Arms in Kensington in July 2013. Almost certainly on my way to the Royal Albert Hall at it was Proms season, and almost certainly Wagner (as 2013 was the bicentenary).
Last place: Well & Bucket in Shoreditch, the last stop of a long crawl, on 17 January 2020, what now seems a world away.

Right now. I am booking tickets for us for London, right now.


A knock-on effect of By the Horns scarpering to Surrey was that I entered the Top 50 for Greater London, having previously been knocking on the door. Although I would have got in subsequently. I am currently 43rd thanks to my 580 ticks.

I have 8 beers that I have scored 4.0 or more:


I have then managed 135 breweries which puts me joint 8th:

Also one meadery and two cideries.

I plan on some more brewery ticking trips later in the year – specifically North London and around Brixton. And I need to get to Bermondsey, Shoreditch. Bethnal Green, etc. But the London team being closed down has really fucked me over on that one.

My Top Ten Count is:

  1. The Kernel @ 45
  2. Fuller’s @ 44
  3. Beavertown @ 16
  4. London Beer Factory @ 15
  5. M&S @ 14
    = 6. BrewDog Outpost Tpwer Hill / Goose Island Brewpub / Orbit @ 13
  6. Mechanic @ 12 (I have typed 7 but it is changing to 6 on the view.)
    = 8. Meantime / Twickenham @ 10

I used to go to London a lot for Farnborough away matches, horror film festivals and gigs but it was when a mate suggested doing the Monopoly board pub crawl that I really kicked off on the beer thing. That was broken down into 5 separate Fridays. Then started doing new parts of London (and opther cities) and in the end there were about 10 of us. However the last ‘knitting trip’ to Croydon a couple of weeks ago only had two participants.

152 places rates. Scoring of places is a bit random I find. Even more random than my beer scoring.


No Craft Beer Co Clerkenwell because I have not been back there since joining RB.

Queen Charlotte took me by surprise but then I realised that it was a rating of the now defunct Draft House Goodge Street. Instead of closing it down someone just renamed it. The current ratings are all irrelevant as it is now an unbranded BrewDog. Have changed the name back and closed it.


London has always (since I moved here in September 2010) been a focus for me. Many fond memories of visiting Bermondsey in the early days and getting to know the brewers down there, as well as many RBians. Looking forward to more visits there in the future.

Here’s my top 10 highest-rated London beers (although I have a lot more beers rated at 4.5)

Five of my top 10 most rated breweries [overall] are in London, and 10 of my top 20 are:

The Kernel - 701
Brew By Numbers - 408
Partizan - 301
Howling Hops - 228
Beavertown - 200
Brodie’s - 196
Anspach & Hobday - 194
Pressure Drop - 163
Weird Beard - 162
Fourpure - 142

The two of those breweries that have been bought out (Beavertown and Fourpure) I don’t make as much effort to track down anymore. And I don’t even know what the status is with Brodie’s, but I haven’t had much of their beer in ages. Of that list, the breweries I still chase most enthusiastically are Kernel, BBNo, Howling Hops, A&H and Pressure Drop.

Of the London breweries not in my top most rated, I would give a shout out to Brick, Villages, Gipsy Hill, Signature and Orbit, who I think are all doing solid work these days. I do make an effort to try beers from these breweries.

I’ll close by saying I think The Kernel is not only the best brewery in the UK, but also Europe.


As for places, it seems I have rated 462 of them in London. The scores are a little wacky since some places, relative to their time and place, were world class but, by today’s standard, would not stand out quite as much.

I will add, though, that I think it is a damn shame Kris Wines closed. That place was outstanding. I don’t think any other bottle shop in London has matched the variety Kris did in terms of modern breweries, traditional breweries, European and US imports. Place was a gem.

Here is my top 12 (2 places closed):

Kris Wines (CLOSED) 98 96 10/3/2012
Craft Beer Co - Clerkenwell 96 99 7/26/2011 12/28/2012
CASK Pub & Kitchen 92 98 10/5/2010 1/12/2012
Alma 92 73 10/17/2010
Southampton Arms 92 95 4/2/2011
Euston Tap (West) 92 96 4/17/2011 9/19/2014
Craft Beer Co - Clapham (CLOSED) 92 95 12/8/2013
Harp 90 88 10/5/2010
Cock Tavern 90 91 12/20/2012
Beavertown Brewery - Tottenham 90 95 7/11/2014 12/16/2015
Hop Burns & Black 90 96 11/8/2015 11/8/2015
Craft Beer Co - St Mary Axe 90 88 11/13/2015 11/13/2015

If I were to re-calibrate that list, these places wouldn’t be in the top 10: Alma, Euston Tap, Beavertown.


I discovered that last summer. Wasn’t keen on the tube in the circumstances and then realised that a bus from Waterloo would drop me off 5 minutes from the new Mikkeller bar.

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My most rated county by a large margin for both beers and places.

Of my top 10 rated beers from Greater London, none were consumed in London. All were in Ontario or Scotland. (Though several were brought back from London and shared by HogTownHarry.)

I have rated more beers and rated more places from Greater London than from 7 out of 10 Canadian provinces. I have been to London more times than I have visited 5 of 10 Canadian provinces!

Pretty sure London is my most visited city outside of North America, definitely so if I count other trips to UK, Europe, and Ireland that transferred through Heathrow. (And possibly second only to Buffalo NY if I include the US?)

My Top Rated Places include:

  • Mother Kelly’s Tap Room Bethnal Green (Score likely aided by recency bias and being the probably most impressive beer selection we saw that trip, and weather much finer than the national snow emergency we had just left in Wales!)
  • White Horse on Parson’s Green (fonefans 50th!)
  • Craft Beer Co. Islington (I’ve just now realized / remembered it’s closed which is a bit sad, along with the Clapham location which was also in my top 10. Score boosted by arriving in ‘Good Cheer’ and being wooed by a large comfy chair and maple flavoured pork scratchings, the latter of which did not quite live up to my memory on a return visit years later.)
  • Jerusalem Tavern (In which I had a pork sandwich that I will tell people about for the rest of my life.)

I was surprised to find that in my modest total 142: there were 28 different GLC breweries sampled; with predictably some of the established craft names 15 Beavertown & the Kernel; 13 Fourpure; 11 Weird Beard; Brew by Numbers 10; Partisan 9 but smatterings of others. I confess that I have yet to make a beer pilgrimage to the capital. It tops the long list of things to try in normal times.
I remember my provincial sense of wonder when I went to London to study in the 70s and really felt that I was at the centre of the university; then it had everything (except great beer, which was elusive everywhere in my memory). Now, I have to overcome my instinctive shock at the price of a pint and manage my growing aversion to humanity en masse. After 48 hours I am exhausted by London streets (maybe more bus travel is the answer). Then again, I have only visited the West End, etc recently so my sense of the London that is really neighbourhood based has dwindled; my London in the 70s was Islington Kentish Town etc and I have a son in Bermondsey now. So hopefully it will be rekindled.
My top 5 beers with the exception on an eccentric early Fourpure rating shows my liking for Stout and Porter. My bottom 5 are dominated by Truman and include laments about spending a fiver on something so dull. Here’s the top.
Fourpure Flatiron 4
Beavertown Gamma Ray 4
The Kernel India Double Porter Citra Galaxy 4
Weird Beard Something Something Barrel Aged 4
The Kernel Imperial Brown Stout London 1856 3.9
And thanks for the place tips for the pilgrimage yet to come!


This is all wetting my appetite for another trip to that there Landaarn. Start saving Glen!


I also find the West End exhausting and I’ve lived in London for 11 years.

Given Bermondsey has some of London’s best breweries, you should definitely visit your son when you can!


I certainly will. The tendency has been for him and his wife to visit me! (for the usual reason, that I have a spare bedroom and they don’t!) I will start saving my money!

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344 Greater London rates for me, the highest rated at 4.1 is shared by:

There are 18 active cideries in Greater London with Hawkes having the most ciders listed with 32 entries.

The top 5 for Greater London cider and cidery raters are:

Greater LondonCider Ratings

Greater LondonCideries


Ah, the Big Smoke. I love visiting it and have been many, many times. However, I wouldn’t want to live there - had to work there for a week once and hated it (I’m a country boy through and through).

London beers are of course ubiquitous, although as with other counties, since I’ve passed 100 London rates (and made the map darkest blue) I’ve had a policy of choosing beers from other less rated counties where possible. Nevertheless, it’s still my highest rated county with 182 rates.

Here’s my top London beers - although the Zerodegrees one was actually brewed in the Reading branch! Surprised to see Brixton there:

I’ve rated beer from 42 breweries (my highest of any county) of which just 5 have since closed. I’ve also rated 2 cideries and one meadery. My most rated breweries are the commissioned beers from M&S (24) and Zerodegrees (23, all brewed at the Reading branch so not really London). My most rated brewery that is properly London is therefore actually Fullers with 17 rates. The highest rated one is the Kernel at 3.82 (which is my second highest rated brewery anywhere).

I’ve rated 18 places (my 3rd highest county in this regard). The best ones were:

BrewDog Camden 90 - much prefer this to their other beers; it seems so much friendlier.
London Beer Lab 88 - the mark may be boosted due to the brilliant brewer for a day course me & a couple of friends did there.
Euston Tap (West) 84

Had loads of great beer days out in London - I have at least got part way through the Monopoly, Jubilee and Circle Line pub crawls, but have got nowhere near finishing them (although a couple of mates did). Also came up with a Douglas Adams-themed pub crawl for a friend’s 42nd birthday (Lords, Islington etc) which was a great day out.

My wife & I, being foodies, love going into London to find new producers - we’ve had overnights staying near the fabulous Borough Market and visiting Maltby Street Market and some of the brilliant streetfood markets - this normally involves a few beers too of course! I remember sitting in early spring sunshine on the tatty sofa at the front of Brew By Numbers, replete with great streetfood & with a nice frsh beer in my hane, and thinking all was right with the world (my mood did drop a little on visiting their horrible portaloo though!).

I think some of my best London memories though have been the big London trails - the London LOOP, the Capital Ring and the Jubilee Greenway. There’s so much to see on these routes that you’d never come across otherwise (including lots of pubs!), and they’re so easy to reach by public transport (meaning that you can choose to do as much or little as you want each time). I’d thoroughly recommend these to anyone (@imdownthepub - give them a go!).

As usual I’ve been to the highest point at 245m high, which is horrible - it’s on the county boundary on the busy, vergeless A233 to the south-east of London, and the walk to get there was terrifying. We also did the highest point in every London borough over two days - cue lots of spots in shop doorways and outside random houses - utterly pointless madness that one!

Whilst everyone knows the main touristy bits of London, my favourite thing to do is just to wander at random and discover amazing weird stuff:that most people don’t know about. Here’s some things that spring to mind as I’m writing this, but I know there’s tons more:

  1. the Elfin Oak in Hyde Park
  2. the Crystal Palace dinosaurs
  3. the free roaming pelicans in St James’s Park (don’t get too near them, they’re vicious sods!)
  4. the pyramind in Pinner churchyard with a strange story attached to it
  5. the unexpected spriggan (a type of goblin) at the former Crouch End station

Yeah, London’s a great place to visit, but like I say I wouldn’t want to live there!


Late to the party on this one! Greater London is actually my 2nd highest performing region in England (or anywhere for that matter) with a massive 34 rates, from 12 ‘breweries’ (at least 3 of those are commissioners), London Beer Factory and Fourpure being the only ones with 5+ rates, and Five Points Railway Porter my highest scoring.

I have a fondness for our capital city, I lived there for 3 years in the late eighties / early nineties whilst studying for my first degree at Imperial College - one year in South Kensington, one in Wandsworth and one in Chiswick, so I have a South West focus, but spent loads of time just wandering around aimlessly, getting lost and finding hidden gems because of it, although back then those gems would be record shops rather than pubs, beer ‘darn sarf’ was not to my taste and hunting down Northern beers (anything beyond Watford Gap) was the challenge! Since those days, the beer world in London has massively improved in my opinion, but that’s mostly based on remote experience as I’ve only visited a handful of times (once to petition our MP with the local CAMRA branch, along with all of the other branches nationally, followed by a rallye and then a bit of a pub-crawl, was a great day out).

I’ve read with interest reference to various pub-crawls based on the tube - do recall doing something like that back in the day, using the Circle line, but it didn’t go well as I think we were too pissed to carry on past about the 5th or 6th stop! I was a member of a drinking club at College, and we used to go on mini-crawls around West London on Thursday nights, all the while wearing a tie with moles on it - most of those ended messily also. Obviously not something I’d do now, being a responsible adult drinker, and hopefully having a bit more stamina (capacity-wise, not physically).


Being my home town London means it’s my no1 rated England region way out in front with a total of 1331 rates currently. Still get allot of London beer over here but it was mainly from before moving here and then on frequent (pre covid) trips back to see family/friends.

Growing up in SW London used to mainly drink Fullers and Youngs in local pubs around Wandsworth back when Youngs were still brewing that way (and their beer back then was so much better than it is now), great memories.

As time went on later working in the city (London Bridge area) was still very must a traditionalist on after work cask ale before discovering and falling in love with The Kernel’s beers around 2011. As a result no surprise The Kernel is top of the most rated brewing list…

Name Type Beer Count My Count Est.
The Kernel Brewery
Bermondsey Microbrewery 909 235 2010
Brew By Numbers
Bermondsey Microbrewery 465 166 2012
Partizan Brewing
Bermondsey Commercial Brewery 420 74 2012
Beavertown Brewery (Heineken)
Tottenham Hale Commercial Brewery 292 71 2012
Gipsy Hill Brewing Company
West Norwood Microbrewery 204 64 2014

With Gipsy Hill not being far from my folks place think it will move up the ranks quickly (when going back more soon I hope) really enjoy their stuff, also get allot of it over here as well now.

Place wise so many great places around London as already stated above, always lots of new places when back visiting and dreaming of hopefully getting back some time soon to spend some time with the family and looking forward to hopefully catching up with some old RB friends again when I can :slight_smile: (been too long)