COVID-19 Beer Delivery?

Are there any breweries or retailers that you’re using now for beer delivery that you might not before COVID-19 effects on access? I really haven’t thought too hard about mail order for a while because access to new and interesting beers was easy, but now it seems practically necessary.

Who are your favorite online beer retailers or breweries?

Bine & Vine

Craft Shack

Best Damn Beer Shoppe (just got 6 different Fifty Fifty Eclipse variants from this vendor)

NY legalized sending beer in the post, so most NYC breweries are now able to mail beer anywhere in state.

But I think mailing liquids is against USPS regulations - aka laws

Didn’t we used to have a page that listed places that mailed by country? Do we still have this page?

Been using Drizly they just shop at my local spot liquor spots but come in like an hour and only $5 delivery fee then i tip as well. No touch payments and drop off. I looked into other mail orders but paying like 30-40 bucks for shipping just for random brews seems too steep. If something I really wanted but just new stuff can’t really justify.


A law you can get around by using UPS instead.

I have some Suarez bottles coming early next week, which I am very excited about.


I’m sure it’s still there - somewhere - but the chances of it being up to date? I played with it a year ago more or less, and places that are long gone were still on it - correction: places might be there, but they no longer ship

got it:

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Actually places that are permanently closed are on the list, however if you retire those places they do leave the list. I will update the US.


Do any mail order places have brews from Nebraska, West Virginia, Montana or New Mexico? These are my smallest rating states so could justify that way. I could just try and trade in future but right now I’m not getting out and about enough to collect anything.

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As far as I know brews from WV are not available for mail order.

Tavour does.

But ya gotta be quick on the app many time

They don’t have West Virginia, and I’ve only seen New Mexico on mine once. Montana and Nebraska are semi-regular though.

WV Hawk Knob cider does seem available from Vintage Cellar via mail.

Swilled Dog Apple Pie cider was oddly on draft at one of my locals semi recently. The other 2 WV rates I had at Purple Fiddle in Davis WV on one my road trips

I used to use Vintage Cellar for getting beer back in the day. France 44 as well. Neither ship beer anymore. Is this called reverse progress?

I called, sorry they only ship within the state of Virginia.

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It is not Vintage Cellars fault. UPS and Fed Ex refuse to ship for them. This is reverse progress.

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Oh I know. Seems funny that many of the west coast stores can still ship whilst the rest of the US is shut down. Just an observation.

California to be more exact.