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COVID-19 Impact on Breweries

For those living in areas that still can operate, how are things looking? I know things aren’t great, but are any of your local places still doing “okay” business?

I got thanked profusely when I did a pickup of beers at a local place about two weeks ago. I hope they’ll be able to make it because I think they just started hitting their stride with beers recently.

One relatively new brewery in my area (actually about 50 minutes away, but surrounded by a number of other breweries I go to semi-annually) threw in the towel pretty much the moment Virginia started instituting various social distancing practices. First casualty I had heard of. They may not have been doing well and just saw the writing on the wall, but I’m betting they won’t be the last.

On the flip side The Veil in Richmond Virginia had a release that was a disaster (from a social distancing perspective). People packed, standing in lines, waiting for a beer release. It’s the kind of thing that would definitely be a case for shutting down breweries as “non-essential” businesses in the Commonwealth:

I don’t imagine they’re doing okay. 4 weeks ago only a few local breweries were making deliveries in New York. Now the number doing free deliveries has increased a lot. Some are still using GrubHub etc. The bottle shops might be in worse condition. Our local one has great support from the community, with virtual beer sharing online three times a week. They should survive since it’s not a very large scale business. But for example City Hops at Upper East Side could be well gone since they seemed to be in difficulties even before this.

Seemingly a lot of UK breweries are doing OK thanks to mailorder, local deliveries, and click and collect. Some have been selling out of bottles, bottling/canning for the first time and introducing bag in boxes.

However one brewery commented that this did not make up for keg and cask sales dropping to pretty much nothing.

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Mikkeller NYC closed, apparently due to a lack of customers at their location…

This is sad. I suppose they were very reliant on baseball fans. It is pretty far out to travel for beer otherwise.

Mikkeller NYC was not open at all during quarantine. I am sure that there was some reason that they didn’t set up outdoor seating (they certainly had the space). But it is sad insofar as that area is now an even bigger beer desert.

Not knowing any details, I would guess Mikkeller probably ran the numbers and realized they’d burn less money just staying closed than attempt any kind of partial reopening, especially if there was no event traffic since establishments build that kind of revenue generation into their location.

A few local bars are starting to close around me. The closest one to my house that I really like was able to stay afloat due to additional neighborhood support. However, if these lock downs keep going on I don’t think it, or many others, will last past the new year.

A handful of breweries have closed around here. Some early, some recently.

I did talk to a local brewpub (serves food). When they first started doing takeout in April, they said they were doing twice the business from before shutting down.

A lot of breweries around here have stopped doing tasters. One that still does, will onlybring out one at a time.

Just to check - are they retired on RB? Feel free to shoot me a message to handle that if the locals didn’t get to it yet! :slight_smile:

That said, it was a weird time for the breweries. When the lockdown in Dalmatia started last spring, and the microbreweries started doing deliveries - they couldn’t brew enough! Everyone was ordering beer, buying by the crate etc. etc. However, when everything opened again, with the lack of tourists, the summer profits were way down, they couldn’t get rid of the stock…

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Exactly the same here in Hungary. In May we sold more beer solely through our webshop than it’d been forecasted beforehand for all the channels combined. Unfortunately since then people run out of money/interest and webshop sales are pretty bad, and the same applies to basically every Budapest pub. Interestingly enough the countryside locations do pretty well, considering.

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