Craft Beer Cellar Asks for $ to Sue

This is a new one

And sueing Glassdoor, amateur stuff.
Here are the reviews

To me, the idea of a franchised craft beer bar/store is silly. This brand isn’t strong enough for name recognition. Why not just open your bar without the company? Unless you are a bandwagon business.

Likely saw themselves as a future Starbucks thing.

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I only ever knew of the one OG location in Massachusetts when it opened up a few years back. Took me half a minute to scroll through all the states they’re in now. That franchise money must be good.


It sounds like the closest one to me is/was a welcome addition to DC (haven’t been yet).

Not knowing the intricacies of the lawsuit(s), I couldn’t see myself putting my money behind something like this. My immediate take (which is likely wrong) feels like they might be expanding too quickly and are getting hosed because of bad franchise decisions (whether it’s a strained relationship with the franchisee or the franchisee who is causing employees to bad mouth the parent company).

And that seems like a really douchy move when you read the details. As in the big corporate company wants money to sue the little guys who own an individual franchise of theirs, and a website in which some upset employees badmouthed them? Seems dodgy AF.

That said, the one on H Street is pretty good, Chris, and may be one of the best in actual DC, suburbs aside.