Craft Beer Helsinki festival

Has anyone ever been to Craft Beer Helsinki festival? My wife and I are thinking of going and are wondering whether it is worth it. We will be travelling in Finland and Estonia around that time and saw that our time overlaps.

Been there every time! Best festival in Finland IMO.
For comparison last year’s beer/brewery list can be seen here:


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Not sure when you are planning to come to Estonia, but a week before (28.06-29.06) Craft Beer Helsinki there is “Eesti Väikepruulijate Festival” (Festival of Estonian Small Brewers):
Last year it was quite good with nice relaxed atmoshpere. It isn’t a big festival with hundred of ticks, but I’m sure there are enough (for non-locals) to keep you busy.

Alas I missed, that week in Tallinn, but I did get a pretty big number of Estonian ticks. Definitely no shortage to be had!

So I am now in Helsinki. My wife and I were thinking of getting an early dinner and getting to the festival at 17:30 tomorrow, giving us a good bit of time to get a bunch of Finnish beer. However, I want to confirm with you that this plan makes sense, as I worry that around the time they are wrapping put they will only have the dregs.

There IS lots of Finnish beers at CBH available. Also some breweries from other countries. I will be at CBH today from 16.30->. Also going to visit tomorrow. If you want to have sahti UG Brewery should have one available.

So it should be fine if I am just there from 17:30 until it closes? Do any brewers run out of beer on the last day for example? I will definitely try to get the Sahti from them.

Generally, are there any places that are not on the top 10 beer places on RB for Helsinki that I should visit (i.e., new places with few ratings)?

Sori Taproom is the best. Also Pien is quite new place. Just behind Ateneum. Pikkulintu has also new bar in city and it is great. It is called Pikkulintu Ruttopuisto and is walking distance from railway station.
At the festival dont miss De Ranke beers If you like Belgian sours. De Ranke has some rare beers available (Mirakel, Kriek de Ranke…).

I wouldnt Be worried about missing beers. Every Beer on The list is available on everyday and it is not very good weather so…

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If you are sahti hunting, then you can pop in:

As you can see from the reviews, the availability of the sahtis vary, but since it is near the central rail station it shouldn’t be big detour for you.

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Second this place. Just be clear that you don’t want four pints when you order four small Sahtis. My mates still haven’t forgiven me for making them drink them.

Enjoyed the rudest bartender in Finland too.