Craft Beer is the Latest Casualty of the Government Shutdown

How the government shutdown is hurting microbreweries

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“While this is not an issue for larger, mass-market offerings like Budweiser, smaller breweries that rely on an assortment of new flavors are feeling the impact. Interboro Spirits and Ales of Brooklyn releases new beers weekly; If the shutdown continues, their February sales will suffer, eating into their revenues.”

So it’s got to a point where breweries are dependent on releasing new beers every week. Wow…

Will people really stop buying from Ales of Brooklyn (a rather decent brewery if ratebeer is to be believed) if they can’t find anything new? Is everyone a ticker now?

Glad to see our corporate overlords are ok though.

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In NYC, the beer culture has become extremely focused on one-off (or at least periodic) IPA and DIPA releases. It is not so much tickers as it is hypebeasts that are shaping the New York market. Breweries like OH, Interboro, Finback, and Singlecut release new beers weekly in order to get people into the breweries where they make most of their sales. Generally, it is hard to find cans in stores (though some carry them, including, as of more recently, bodegas). My biggest complaint about this is that other styles are being sidelined by the IPA hypebeast culture.



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