Crafthouse and World of Beer in Ballston

Finally went to the Crafthouse location in Arlington yesterday and it was pretty cool. Great selection and some rare cans - Canadian Boreale entries!

Talking to the manager, he said that they broke off from World of Beer which was in that same spot a few years back and went solo when WoB closed a bunch of locations due to spreading their resources too thin.

Then they apparently decided to go for another try, and recently opened up a new WoB like two blocks from the original, that has now become Crafthouse? Strange.

Visited both yesterday and needless to say, the Crafthouse was a million times better. It’s pretty difficult to have about 50 taps as WoB and I’ve only not tried like two of them. I’m not how successful they will be in the tick-driven craft beer world of today…

Not that I don’t wish them luck - the more beer places the better. Especially with no sign of Churchkey opening back up again.

I was at the WoB location a few days ago, the beer selection was so-so. Crafthouse most certainly has a stronger beer list between the two.

They’ll be successful based on the clientele I saw - very casual beer drinkers. Nothing wrong with that, but they aren’t going to have the tickers show up.

I haven’t really spent much time at Crafthouse, even though it’s just down the street from me. Hoping that WoB doesn’t cannibalize the clientele and cause both to fail. Also hoping that Virginia doesn’t preemptively lock down and just kill them them both off.

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