Today is a bit of anarchy right?
“System” just flagged every action from @cgarvieuk as SPAM in the admins inbox!
Wat da fuck r u doin man???
Tipsy Tuesday night, also


He may not see this as he has been banned!

oh well, there goes another one
always the youngest one…

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apparently he posted more than one link to, so the system thought he might be a spambot trying to advertise

Discourse turning against ABInBev. I didn’t see that coming…

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Im back

but @services all my POSTS are still hidden
can they be unhidden please

Yeah, it is possible manually unhide posts by admin, but this would take a lot of work… @services needs to fix this.

then only really care about the poll, as results of that will be interesting

the poll should be fixed? at least i tried.

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looks it ta

Hi @cgarvieuk, all of your posts should be unflagged now. Let us know if there is a post that you can’t see

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first one i checked

last post still showing as hidden.


All told i got notification of 30 posts being muted this morning

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@services my default language is still Swedish and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I’m slowly learning this beautiful language, but I suppose I’d still rather use my native English.



This is all you need!

Hi @blipp if this issue is just happening on the forum and not on the rest of the RateBeer site, it might be the setting you have in discourse. To check this:

  • click you icon at the top right and click on the cog
  • Go to Preferences -> Interface and there should be an option to select your language

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Thanks, that fixed it.

Why did you change it in the first place???
/me running and ducking for cover.

I blame @discobot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.