Crewe 2nd October (New Date!)

Hi everyone,

It is admittedly a bit late to be advertising this but I’m going up to Crewe on 4th September and will be hitting the pubs with @Martinsh

The more the merrier so if anyone is free that day then let me know. If there’s interest I can put further details on events.

The planned schedule (abridged version) is as follows:

Go to the Bhurtpore Inn in Aston first (11.20-11.38 train out, 12.59-13.15 train back), however in the event of serious rain we will probably alight at Nantwich (note that the walk to the Bhurtpore is about 15-20 mins each way)

13.15: walk to town and hit the Coastal Brewery and Hops Belgian Bar

14.45: Walk to Crewe Market Stalls, eat and go to Crewe Dog

16.00 - 17.30 Tom’s Tap and the Borough Arms

17:50 - 18:45-ish: Walk/Bus/Taxi to the new Ebeneezers which is where the Beer Dock used to be on Nantwich Road.

I have to leave on the 19.09 train so I can’t stay later.

This should be 7 pubs, a nice mixture of craft and traditional although maybe slightly leaning toward the former.

Sounds fun and Martin did invite me to join you, I am however travelling back from Devon that day.

Enjoy your day.


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Yeah that’s a shame. The original August date was a bit dicey as loads of trains were being cancelled, and we don’t want to do it later in the year as the weather may turn.

I need to get these out early if I want to involve the RB crew although most of my bigger trips are in the North and it looks as though many of our active members are farther South.

Anyone who wants to do just the Crewe part (start about 1315 at Crewe station) is also welcome.

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I’m very tempted but have already agreed to help barrow loads of concrete at the in-laws in the morning, will likely be asleep in the afternoon!

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You’ll be working up a thirst ?

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As an added bonus, I am negotiating with the World’s Rudest Barmaid for her to make an appearance and insult us !

I have to admit that I am intrigued by this one

Hi all, we’re rescheduling to 2nd October. The main reason is to avoid a clash with Burton Ale Trail, which does sound pretty interesting.

Just bumping this up to see if anybody else is interested. How about it @DJMonarch ?

@Martinsh One or two of the Crewe venues are actually new to me (I don’t know if any of them are the ones that feature the World’s Rudest Barmaid though!) so it’s tempting but my brother went into hospital Thursday so things are a little up in the air right now. It’s the same weekend that the Crown in Oakengates has it’s festival where I was hoping to meet up with @BlackHaddock I’ll update you when I know more about my brother’s situation.

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That’s a shame. I wanted to do Oakengates and meet @Blackhaddock myself, but this event has already been postponed once. Codsall station has a beer festival that weekend as well I’m told (Friday/Saturday)

Martin, if you want to do Oakengates, I’m happy to postpone again. We could do this any Saturday really, we may not care to walk to the Bhurtpore in late autumn but there’s plenty to keep us entertained in Crewe and Nantwich.

Thanks for the offer - I’ll think about it

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Minor correction. Codsall beer festival is in the village hall, not the station. I won’t be going to that one

The venues she worked at have both closed down, and she has retired.

In reply to both @DJMonarch and @Martinsh about The Crown Inn, Oakengates Oktoberfest. I am unable to go on the Saturday, but hope to get there for the Friday (afternoon/early evening most likely).


@BlackHaddock @Martinsh Sadly my brother passed away yesterday so I am going to be rather busy on the home front for the next couple of weeks or so. Hopefully there will be other events as I’ll surely be in need of some good beer and company once I’ve ensured that my brother gets a decent send off.

Sorry to hear that @DJMonarch. Hopefully we will meet up in happier times for you.


Really sorry about that @DJMonarch. I think we are going to go for this Saturday after all, anyway