Crewe 2nd October (New Date!)

I’m sorry to hear this @DJMonarch. I hope you’re holding up okay all things considered.

Sorry to be a pain but I’ve been under the weather since last night. I don’t think it’s you-know-what, I’ve tested okay but would like to take another later this week. If I’m still negative, and I feel better, I’m up for it but otherwise maybe not. I’m just that little more cautious these days. I should know by Thursday if that’s okay.

Thanks guys, I’m doing as well as can be expected I think. There’s plenty of things to sort through right now which I find does help and I’m lucky in that I have the good support of family and friends. Enjoy the crawl and hopefully we’ll find another future event that works for all of us transport and availability wise. @jjsint I hope you’re feeling better soon.


Here’s the final list for The Crown Inn (Oakengates) Cask Ales Oktoberfest. All will be on hand-pull, but only 12 at a time.

Thursday 30th September to Monday 4th October
Brewery Beer ABV
Bitters to 3.7%
1 Beartown Glacier 3.6
2 Hobson’s Twisted Spire 3.6
3 Potbelly Streaky 3.6
4 Tomos & Lilford Summerhouse I.P.A. 3.6
Bitters to 3.8% - 3.9%
5 Deeply Vale DV US 3.8
6 Goff’s Lancer 3.8
7 Hobson’s Best Bitter 3.8
8 Tring Citra Session 3.9
Bitters to 4.0-4.1%
9 A.J.'s Dukey’s Delight 4.1
10 Deeply Vale Citra Storm 4.0
11 Exeter Fraid Not 4.0
12 Tring Squadron Scramble 4.0
13 Wye Valley Hereford Pale Ale 4.0
14 Wye Valley New Frontier 4.1
Bitters to 4.2-4.3%
15 A.J.'s S.P.A. 4.2
16 Green Duck Blonde 4.2
17 Hobson’s Green Hop 4.2
Bitters to 4.4% and over
18 Beartown Kahuna 4.5
19 Blackedge Kiwi N.Z.P.A. 5.0
20 Goff’s Cheltenham Gold 4.5
21 Backyard All England E.S.B. 4.4
Milds, Stouts & Porters
22 Beartown Quantock 5.0
23 Cheshire Brewhouse Lindow Stout 4.5
24 Goff’s Black Knight 5.3
25 Rudgate Brew No.1 Vanilla Mild 3.6
26 Rudgate York Chocolate Stout 5.0
27 Ross on Wye Harry Masters & Jersey Blend 6.5
28 Celtic Marches Slack Alice 4.6



A brilliant day out. Thanks @Martinsh for showing me around the Crewe and Nantwich pubs! Some absolute crackers around the area.


Hi Neil, @DJMonarch I am so sorry to read your sad news, it’s difficult to know exactly what to say in such circumstances, however I wish you all the best and hope that our paths cross again someday soon, either in the UK or Germany.

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@Fin Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. It’s a difficult time and I am still sorting through everything of my brother’s. I am fortunate, however that I have family and good friends around me and they have all been so sympathetic and understanding which does help. All the best to your good self and hope to see you again at a beery event somewhere.