Croatia, Bosnia-

Any tips, going to start at Makarska, but take day trips to Mostar and Split;)?

Cheers // Thomas

Marko? @marko


Just noticed this. Well, the places list covers things well for Croatia, as always. :slight_smile:

Makarska has Pivac - which is a fantastic place by all means, and you should love it there!

Mostar - this is the must-visit place by all means. Give me a heads-up and I’ll connect you with the owner/brewer and some others from Mostar who should be happy to give you more tips (including on where to eat best :)).

Split - the Mandrill brewpub in the city center is the cheapest place for beer and pizza in the city center, so it’s by all means a must-visit! The Tap B brewpub is also a must-visit. Unsure if Lab Split will have its taproom open.

For bars - Leopold’s is great, To Je To should have a large selection. For stores - the Victa chain of grocery stores has a pretty good selections. Mali Dućan Matejuška has 2 places next to each other, and the selection there’s the best in town, but the prices are almost bar-level, so some things might be cheaper elsewhere.

And just message me when you’re there and I’ll give you tips on what to see etc.

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Thx man! Going on Sunday and back the coming ie 16th - cheers!

Not to highjack the thread but any tips for Istria and the area around Pula ?
Have been to the area several times before and have checked the places map, but maybe something new i havent noticed ?


Pula is more or less dessert - Boabar is OK.
20 min South of Pula you can find this nice shop with a few taps:

Cheers /: Thomas

To update … probably being the most recent Ratebeerian in Split. . Last week of April 2019.
Mandrill. … 2 beers … 1 crap 1 excellent.
Leopolds. … no opening info … presume evening only … wasted our time going here at 2/3pm to find it closed.
Plan B tap … great pizza … Decent bottle selection but only 1 plan B beer.
Black Dog … definitely worth a visit … a few Croatian tap ticks plus others.
To Je To … deffo best multi tap tick venue for me .

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And the 2 little beer shops Marko mentions are well worth a visit.
the new one #2 you can drink the bottles in.
Not much difference between the 2 but the completist will.find a few.different beers and #2 has more overall.

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Ah, now I understand, you had confused Plan B with Tap B. Two different things, unrelated.

Plan B is more central, it’s a pub/restaurant with some craft. Tap B is the brewpub. That’s why you only found 1 beer. :smiley:

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Apart from what Nisse said, check out Potaman in Premantura. New, or at least refurbished place - more taps than Stella in Medulin I think, maybe more bottles too, but also regional wines and olive oil I think etc.

Wait, today? There’s a beer fest in Makarska going on just now!

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I did think there were 2 venues … however the staff at the pub/restaurant we visited didn’t speak the best English and I asked them a couple of times if there was a brewery tap in town and they said no … hence I didn’t visit !

They probably have no clue. It’s not a beer geek place as such, despite carrying craft (among other stuff).

The brewpub has a very nice set of taps since they trade kegs with other breweries with taprooms, so there’s always something interesting there.

But yay for pizza! :smiley:

Pizza was grate … don’t make a habit of eating pizza when I travel (unless in the US or Italy).

The missus loved it too … she’s hard to please with pizza !

Today?! Tomorrow as well? - will be late in, on plane :airplane: now;) // Thomas Ps. Any more info.?


Wrong year?

Nah, sorry, was out…

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Any idea? Wrong forum! @Marko
Yo, wife bought me I gift in Bratislava - can’t find it - any idea?

No worries, will add it soon if it’s missing

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Forgot to link it:

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