Cultural/Country biases on beer ratings?

OK, to come back to topic:
I always had the impression most US Americans are much more impressable than most Europeans when it comes to beer.
At the end of the 90s I was twice in the US. With some Americans I had discussions about beer, in a time when craft breweries were still rare and rather unknown. These Americans envied us for having all those good beers easily available. They even considered Heineken to be a great beer, which was understandable with all these even waterier beers they were used to.
Maybe this spirit hasn’t really changed in the meantime, where most American beer drinkers are still more open minded and charmed about a nice beer than the most of us Europeans, especially those from big beer countries like Germany, Belgium, the British isles and the Czech Republic, who are used to good beers for a much longer time.

(By the way, discussions about taste can never be objective.)