Current state of So Cal Micro breweries

I hate to start this tread cause I know what I hear will depress me. But I feel it needs to be asked. Here in Orange County we have:

(on a scale of 0 - 5, I will give my estimated percentage on whether they last until the end of the year)

Beachwood Brewery - Hunt. Beach 2% (no more tasting room ?)
The Bruery 5%
Green Cheek 1%
Bottle Logic 1%
Modern Times - 3%
Noble Ale 0%
Taps 4%
Karl Strauss 4%
BJ’s 4%
Lampost 3%
Bruery-X 1%
RIIP 0% ( (may 1% if they can still deliver - I mean that is how they started)
Bootleggers 2%
Chapman Crafted 0%
Santa Ana River Brewery 0%
Cismontane 0%
Four Sons 2%
Phatom Ales 0%
GunWhale 0$
Salty Bear 0$
Brewing Reserve of California 0%

Golden Roads and Ballast Point not included here)

Some of the reasons for maybe the ability to stick around is “distribution” and deep pockets.

Please let me know where you disagree (and other Breweries I’ve missed)

Feel free to start a San Diego and Los Angeles list. Northern California Breweries are out of my league.

Phantom Ales

With their kitchen they were awesome. Fun too. I hope the best for them.

Buy their beer online -

It works - uses UPS outside local delivery area.

Isn’t percentage scale 0-100 by its definition?


Bottle Logic and Modern Times could survive better if they started to send the good stuff to EU…


It seems that the mules are not put off by orders of self-isolation, so Bottle Logic are still having no problem selling out from the brewery.