Czech / Prague beer talk

Seems I’m movin’ to Prague in January because of a non-beer related job, but I’ll probably want to stay a part of the local craft beer scene wherever I am and I’d be crazy not to do that in Prague too. :smiley: All in all, hope to meet some of ya locals once I settle down a little, if any of you are active here still. :smiley:


Hope it all works out as planned and without too much hassle,* Marko! Good luck! I was hoping to meet you in Zagreb, but Prague has long been on the list as well. :wink:

*Can you tell that I hate moving?

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actually same, I have never been to Zagreb, but I also haven’t been to Prague in too long!

send polotmavys :star_struck:


Jak dlouho… How long are You going to stay in Prah:beers:a?

Well, not sure how in the long run, but there’s no set return date.

You will surely have the chance to meet in Praha Rotin and Ascelja, very friendly people… It is nice to spend an evening with them, accompanied by some great bohemian beers!:beers:

I hope to meet RB people and join the (craft) beer scene there by all means. :smiley: My finances probably won’t allow me any excesses till March, but hey.

Anyway, Cobolis Weizenbock is world class IMO. Surprised me a lot!

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Had one of “those” RB moments one doesn’t get to experience anymore that often. Was basically exploring Žižkov & the Olšany cemetery, when I went to check if there’s a good beer place nearby - found Bernard Bar which I figured would have at least 1 new tick for me, so decided to take the tram there…

I was certain there was only 1 station to there, so I left the tram, realizing immediately that I should’ve actually disembarked on the next one. But the tram was already gone, and the next one wasn’t in sight, so I figured I’d walk a little. En route, saw what seemed to be a random Kozel place, and took a glance at the tap list by reflex, not expecting anything…

…Kozel 13% světlé nefiltrované…

Er… what?

I check the other outside menu and lo and behold - indeed it says… Kozel 13% unfiltered, non-pasteurized! I’d rummaged through the Kozel listing recently and yet, I didn’t have any idea anything like that existed - and Google had little to offer, but I went in the place (called U Kozla), used my extremely basic “Czech”, got the beer in its own special glass! Tankovné, in fantastic shape and one of the best lagers I’ve had in Czech Republic since I moved here - huge surprise as I’m generally not really a Kozel fan. Turns out (at least according to their site), they are allegedly one of 3 places in the country that carry it - and I have no idea which two the others are. Added it to the site, of course, the beer and the place.

Funnily enough, it technically exists on Untappd - but that entry’s completely overflooded with the Russian Kozel Nefiltrovaný ratings, which has very little in comon with it apart from the name (partly). Hah.


Thanks for the tip, Marko.
Actually walked past that pub numberless times as we have stayed at the Vitkov Hotel further down the road several times.

Will be sure to check it out at my next visit to Prague doing Easter.
Will you be around then ?
Would love to share a beer.

Sure, I’d be more than happy to meet up! :smiley:

Though there has been a complication with my work due to reasons completely unexpected and insane, I should still be here then in every but the worst case scenario - likely working on the holiday, but there’s always “after work”.

Anyone visiting Prague -> feel free to shoot me a message - I’ll more than likely be okay any time for a beer or three - and should be okay for in-person trades I reckon.

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I’ll just leave this here:


Noted. Thanks for the nice discovering!

Unfortunately their web-site does not tell anything about pivo…

This is of everyone’s interest here:

Fairly important info to visitors - Kulový Blesk and Base Camp are closing down to move. We are still unsure when they will close down, we will try to check that soon and update/retire the places immediately (entering new ones once they open).

Base Camp is moving to Muchová 4, a couple of minutes walk from the Hradčanská metro station - starting December 1st.

Kulový Blesk is moving to Melounova 5, with entrance on Ječná street (halfway between the I.P. Pavlova metro station and Pivovarský dům), with no date more certain than “next year”, which might as well be 1.1.2020.


Just discovered this thread, so might as well weight in, don’t I?

First of all, is there anyone that’s considering attending this festival later this month? I’ll be there with the brewery I work at, pouring beers, it’d be nice to meet some RB folks:

Also, my gf moved to Prague earlier this year and there’s a good chance I’ll do the same at some point next year, but I’ll surely be in town every now and then until then. So if anyone’s interested in grabbing a beer and having a chat at any point, let me know :upside_down_face:

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Oh cool! I’ll definitely be going there on Friday. Have to remember to buy a ticket though, still haven’t. :rofl:

In any case, I’m nearly always up for a beer or two - if my working hours allow and try to hit as many events as money and time allow. :smiley:

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Awesome, see you there on Friday then!

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Well, plenty of new stuff on the festival, even for me. Really great to hang out with Márk and the others. Some new, “under the radar” highlights would be Hradecký Klenot, Grove and, of course MadCat.

The fest lacked people in general, which hit some of the breweries a fair bit, but was generally a fun concept. I really do hope that next year they will provide adequate toilet facilities as this year they were highly inadequate for even a small crowd. Also… charging separate entries for both days without any warning about it in the event description sucks major fucking ass. Not a great way to create goodwill. Still, fun two days other than that! :smiley:

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