D/A/CH end of summer RB-meetup in Vienna (Sept 28th - 30th)

Hi everyone,

The people from the D/A/CH group (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) are doing an end of summer RB-meetup. But the Event is open for everyone to join (so german is not mandatory :stuck_out_tongue:)

Location: Vienna, Austria
Dates: Sept 28th (Friday) - Sept 30th (Sunday)
Link to the Event: https://www.ratebeer.com/event/55800/

On this weekend is also Cantillon Zwanze Day and there is a pub in Vienna that will host the event (like 99% certain according to the owner). So the Zwanze day will be included in our schedule.

The schedule will roughly look like this:

Friday: Welcome-dinner at a (Brew)pub (6-7pm), afterwards Pubcrawl (details to follow)

  • We are going to start with the Grand Tasting right away (so there is not such a rush between this and Zwanze). Start: 10-11am. Grand tasting will most likely happen at Werckmeisters home. If we are a lot of people (15+) we have an alternative location though. Grand Tasting is scheduled until about 3:30pm (but we are somewhat flexible there). Inbetween: lunch (at Werckmeisters we have the option for BBQ, else most likely pizza delivery or something along those lines)…
  • After the Grand Tasting you can either freshen up a bit or there will be the opportunity to visit a beer shop, maybe 1-2 pubs and have an early dinner
  • We will head to the Zwanze location between 6:30-7:30pm (there should be already a nice selection of beer available at that time)
  • The Zwanze beer should be poured starting 9pm (if there are no changes to previous years)
  • If anyone is still standing: some more Pubcrawl afterwards


  • morning program to be decided yet (also depends on interest :P)
  • Goodbye-Lunch
  • If anyone is still around: Brewpubs we have not visited yet

Please let us know about your interest in coming, and especially what times you arrive and depart (so we know how much program to prepare).

There are cheap flights both to Vienna but also to Bratislava (connecting buses from Bratislava airport to Vienna City are usually 5 euros, but can be as cheap as 1 Euro).

We might be able to provide sleeping space at local rb members houses (either couch or even just floor space). Please let us know you are interested. If there is interest we can also try to organize an airbnb for multiple people.

Looking forward to see lots of you :slight_smile:


I’m interested, and I should be able to confirm in a week or so.

We did a shared AirBnB for the recent Gathering in San Diego and that worked out well. Are any options like that available nearby? And are there any hotels you would recommend? It makes logistics easier if most out-of-towners are at one place, and that also makes late night bottle shares easier too. Plus, at the Pittsburgh gathering, we met Hodor from Game of Thrones at our hotel bottle share, always a plus.

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Is your memory playing tricks old man?

We also met Hodor at Tampa RBWG … or is he stalking RB gatherings :joy:

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I’ll arrive probably 15:00 on friday in Vienna at some P+R for parking the car. Would be happy to sleep on some couch or floor to save money for beers. How many beer to bring per person for the gathering?

Hey Gene,

Hope you can make it :slight_smile: I had a quick look at airbnb … there are definitly some options. these 2 are pretty good location wise…
for 6 people:

for max 10 people:

For hotels. … I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue: I can look though. We are looking for a place where everyone could just book his own room (which might be rather expensive), or something airbnb style, where people share a place?

You can definitly stay with me if you like :slight_smile: hmm, I was thinking 2-4 beers each, I guess depends how many people we are going to be. Or what is a good amount to bring? :slight_smile:

It’s always good to stay low in beer numbers per person, because everyone will bring more anyway.

@jonas & I are most probably gonna join, and maybe we can convince some others of the Munich crew to come with us!

Depending on the time you want to arrive/leave we could share a car.

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Makes sense :wink:
I wont be in Vienna next week, but after that I will set up a google speadsheet, so we can make a list of beers.
What is a good total amount of beers for the grand tasting?

Tasting is planned for 5 hours, so I’d guess 40

ok :slight_smile:

I will be flying in on Thursday afternoon and leaving on Monday afternoon. I can possibly share airbnb as the hotel prices in Vienna are not the cheapest, but would like to make sleeping arrangements ASAP.

I would have prefered Grand Tasting as the last event of the evening, but I understand why you couldn’t do that. Last year in RBESG it was massive tick fest and there were a lof good beers left over (especially the ones in the big bottles). I was actually guity of bringing too many big bottles as I didn’t realize that 0.33L bottle is enough for 15-20 ratebeerians to get their ticks :smiley: We had about 6-70 beers and it was clearly too many (many people missed the last ones). I think the grand tasting itself was also 5 hours? or maybe it was 6. 40 beers as an aim sounds more reasonable, leaves more time for socializing and it will feel less like work.

  1. the usual rule for a tasting of 15-20 is (such as, Pre-Borefts): Bring 2*330 or big bottles, but almost always there will be leftovers, and it turns out 330ml can be enough ifneedbe.

  2. The middle European ratebeerians are not too Danish at their tastings.

Cant do it this year, but definetely sounds like a plan I would be interested if theres a second edition.
Cheers and have fun!

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Seems the saturday can be replaned…no Zwanze in Vienna according to Facebook, only Innsbruck

indeed - https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1944037798981520&id=110627652322553

although Tribaun and Ammutson share management. When Erzbierschof did it in Zurich, Cantillon also wrote “Erzbierschof, Bern” in their post.

I sent a message to Robby to confirm where it’s going to be.

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Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the event as I move to Thun in the last week of September. It would be too busy to come back to Vienna for the gathering after a few days. It´s a shame… I was really looking forward to meet you all…

Well, so much for “we are doing it for sure with 99%” :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this a reason for anyone not to come? We are still organizing the event … well, unless no one wants to come anymore :stuck_out_tongue: Martjoobolut, you already have your tickets, right? :slight_smile:

Yes, I already have the plane tickets. I haven’t been to any Zwanze and thought that it would be cool to go, but it is just 1 Cantillon in a crowded event, so not really sad about missing it (I will have my Cantillon fix in August when I visit the brewery and BXLFest). I was way more interested in the D/A/CH gathering, so hope that it still happens in some form.