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Dalmatian breweries and pubs (Croatia)

Short brief to everyone coming to Dalmatia and Split. There are few breweries in Split and around 10-20 km.
Lab Split, Pivovara Barilo, TapB craft brewery, Mandrill’s brewery, Familia craft brewery. Contract brewers are Imota and Seoska kuća (brewed at Lab Split).
In Dubrovnik there is Dubrovnik beer company and Maskeron.
In Šibenik there is Šibenska Pivovara, Pivovara 022, and in Zadar Donat Brewery, Brlog brewery and Varoška pivovara. Soon I will create a thread for every single city in Dalmatia and short briefing for beers from each brewery.
I will mention their beers that they brew at this moment. And others also if i have forgotten in this post.
After that,my plan is to describe some nice places.
Momentaly I don’t have any informations about festivals due to COVID-19.

  • HINT: Eng.brewery=pivovara in Croatian.
    ** Thanks @hrabren for encouregment.

Hey, love what you’re doing! However, let me just add / correct some things.

Imota and Seoska kuća are client brewers and so’s Maskeron in Dubrovnik (though Niko’s more involved in the brewing process when he makes commercial batches) and, what’s missing, Fjaka in Split (if he’s still brewing beer). Contract breweries are places like De Proef - where client brewers come to brew beer, or where their beer is contract brewed. :smiley:

Is Pivovara 8 in Zadar still brewing?

Let’s not forget, of course, Hvar’s legendary Vunetovo and Pinjac in Žrnovo on the island of Korčula as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Marko I’m not sure about Fjaka. They made Pumpkin ale. You precisely described about Imota and Seoska kuća :ok_hand: My bad for Vunetovo. Niko (Maskeron) is pretty much more involved so he’ll get special approach - he deserves it. Don’t know about Pivovara 8 and Pinjac, have to explore. First station is Split and around. Just need some time.

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I will start with TapB craft brewery. Also you can visit their brewpub and taste their beers. Main beers are Trapula, which is very good APA and their best beer,and Mirakul - American IPA with higher IBU. They made stout with chili - MrkaV1, and after that MrkaV2 with mint. Mrka V2 won the award on competition. Also, they made saison Gnomeberry. Walter White is light,nice blonde ale and Lito is golden ale.Their two last beers were Tiramol NEIPA, and Luigi witbier. All beers have cool labels and named as some local phrases or some characters. Trapula is trap, Mirakul is miracle, Tiramol is a rope between two walls or windows where you place laundry to dry it after washing. Luigi is doctor from tv series Malo misto. Lito-Dalmatian dialect phrase for summer.
Trapula is must have,and Tiramol for those who like NEIPA. Mrka is very intensive stout, so if you like,enjoy it.
There is restaurant across entrance in brewpub. Brewpub is nice, with fine atmosphere. It is always very clean. You can also taste four beers on taster if you like to explore. On Facebook you can find their page to explore more.
They host beers from Pulfer,Dubrovnik beer company and Fjaka. Strongly recommend visit to brewpub and try beers from Tap B in a brewpub. If you ask, I suppose they will show you brewery. They have an option to take Trapula to go.
Official page:

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Now I will move few miles from Split in a place named Dugi rat to mention Pivovara (brewery) Barilo. They made three beers with distribution all over Croatia. APA named Apach is their last one, and is really good accepted in here. They started with Mila which is good Blonde ale, nice and drinkable, and there is good demand for this beer on the market. Irish red ale named Malduk is also good beer, and a bit wierd choice to produce this style in Croatia. I strongly recommend you to visit this place (Dugi rat) between Split and Omiš and to visit and try some beer direct from brewery.
Official page:

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Possibly to make some mistakes about next brewery because of its large opus of brewed beers. Lab Split is one of the pioneers of craft brewing in Split. Their brand Barba (pale ale) is well-known all over Croatia (and broader). They made some single hop series Barba Chinook, Barba Single hop cascade, Centennial Ace IPA - As Kupa, Barba IPA, Barba Englez etc. Their beer got an award by RB for the best beer in Croatia in 2018. : Imperial IPA Barba. Also, interesting beer was “My name is Jeff” defined as a quadruple IPA. With Simon Martin (Real ale craft beer channel) they made very good stout Simon’s Motor Oil Stout which had an interesting promotion on one of the biggest alley in Split. Punica (“mother in law”) is light blonde ale.Glutenko is gluten free beer. They brewed by/for few brewers in Dalmatia. With Maskeron (Niko) they made Aloha and Starhopper - both well-rated and very good Session IPA and NEIPA. I’ll make a special part for Maskeron in thread about breweries form Dubrovnik. For Republika Craft Beer they brewed APA, and for Seoska kuća they brewed Donja Banda (Pale ale) and Gornja Banda (Black IPA). With Imota they made pale ale Imocko pivo, and with brewery from Split they brewed Fjaka Vrač, and Fjaka New world order. All of them: Maskeron, Seoska kuća, Republika, Imota and Fjaka @marko defined as a client brewers.
Lab Split made few collaborations. With Lepi Dečki they brewed english bitter Lepi Barba, with D16 coffee bar Barbačino (coffee stout - 100% Arabica coffee), with Reketye DDH pale ale named Mistakes Were Made and red ale Misno Pivo with Idol Beer. Collaboration with Mad Scientist named Mad Barba was sour ipa (yogurt and Croatian sea salt),and with Crafter’s from Zagreb they brewed very good American IPA named Vespa and it was promoted at Flag’s pub in Split.

Familia craft pivovara from Kaštel Gomilica entered the market few years ago. They have regular beer Ferata amber ale and two specials Ferata Habanero and Familia chocolate stout.

Vunetovo craft brewery is located on island named Hvar which you can access with ferry or catamaran. They mainly work seasonly, and I’m gonna later describe their pub. IPAk! is thier IPA - American and they brew interesting IPL Vunetovo Hoppy Lager. Aljaški mrgud is Black IPA , but Hvarska medicina is very interesting spiced beer. A La Americana is wheat beer and Farabut is Irish stout. When visiting island of Hvar visit and Vunetovo craft brewery and brewpub. Ther will be on menu and local food, and Croatian craft beer, but I strongly recommend their house beers.

Mandrill Nano Brewing is craft brewery in Split. Well, it is also and brewpub, and kitchen with very large menu. Currently, because of situation, I don’t know what is on tap. They offer their beers (Blonde ale, Pale ale, NEIPA, APA) which depends what they brew at that moment. It is guarantee to taste always fresh beer. Mandril Nano Brewing, Leopold’s Delicatesen Bar and Mandrill’s brewpub and kitchen leads the sam owner.

Ok, I finish with breweries in Split and around. I’m just going to mention few pubs and bars worth to visit.
I’ve already mention that TapB craft brewery has its brewpub and it is the best way to try their beers. Believe me, fresh Trapula is one of the finest APA you’ll gonna try.
Mandrill`s Brewpub & Kitchen is really worth to visit. Great selection of beer and very good food (pizza, burgers, chicken wings, ribs…). The owner is really enthusiast when we are talking about beer, brewing, pubs and in his brewpub was SMaSH competition. As I mentioned, same owner has Leopolod’s delicatesen bar in center of Split.
Black dog bar has very good offer of domestic and foreign beers, with always few fresh taps (8-10).
Mačak has also few taps, but not so large offer as other.
The Flag pub is also worth to visit. We are waiting to Lab Split to open its own brewpub. With offer they have, I would be delightful to visit it every single day.
If you like to buy some local Cro craft Split and bring it home (https://www.cro-craft.com/) is main distributor on this area (local and some import beers).
Disclaimer: I’m not employee any of breweries, pubs and so on. Also, maybe I’ve forgotten some pub, bar, mainly I order or buy beers and drink at home. I am hoping that some locals will read these threads and correct/add few details.

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@peki I suggest you do some place reviews as well. Places in Split and the surrounding area need more ratings in any case. That’s the best way for people to notice what’s good and what’s… less. :smiley:

If you are unsure about something, I’m here to help. :slight_smile:

Now move to Šibenik. There are few breweries.
Šibenska pivovara such a few others breweries in Croatia they brew few styles and bottled them. There is very good blond ale Mihovil . Cvita is IPA American style but Barone is very good work (Dunkelweizen). No1 to recommend is Mihovil.
Pivovara 022 is very interesting brewery in Šibenik, specially because of names of their beers. Their motto is: “a beer that tells a story”. California common named “1066” is very well received (story: 1066. is year in which is the city of Šibenik first time mentioned). “1646” is pure pale ale (story: city of Šibenik built two fortress in this year - named: Mihovil & Barone - sounds familiar?). And the last, but not the least is “83:82” (Golden ale). This is the score of the game when basketball club Šibenka became basketball champion of the ex-Yu.

Dubrovnik is must visit town for most tourists through Croatia. Though very expensive, its beauty is well known all along the world. In Dubrovnik there is Dubrovnik beer company. Well organized, nice selection of beers, and distribution all over the Croatia. They have bottled lager named Maestral (it is light wind on Adriatic coast), Fortunal is pale ale (it is sudden storm), Grego is milk stout. In the end, there is Goa. It is NEIPA, very good, no mistakes, really nice beer to enjoy. They have taproom in Dubrovnik and are organizing brewery tours.

In Dubrovnik there is Maskeron brewery. The person behind is Niko, graphic designer and one of the most imaginative guy in beer world in Croatia. His beer won the award for the best beer in Croatia. I cannot number his beers. He follows trend in craft beer segment, he is innovative and most of his beers are made in collaboration with other breweries. Last one was Death by IBU with IBU 100. He uses newest hops, combining them well. All beers have labels created by him. If you find in Croatia in some pub, his beer, try it, you won’t be disappointed.
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Zadar in the end of my tour. There is Brlog brewery with two girls who established brewery crowdfunding way. They have Plavuša (blonde ale), Neposlušna (red ale) and Špurija (milk stout). Plavuša is nice, drinkable blonde ale,easy one. And Neposlušna is red ale which is (in my opinion) slighty better. Špurija haven’t tasted yet.
Donat brewery makes Donat lager which I haven’ tried yet.
Varoška pivovara in Zadar is brewery worth to visit and try their beers. Depending which they brew last, I recommend to try it. It is seasonal, but I do not have an information where to try their beers.

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@peki Znaš li je li Black Dog opet otvoren? Nikako da dobijen konkretan odgovor.

I jesu li oba Mala Dućana otvorena ili samo jedan?

Black dog prominija ime (The Daltonist craft bar) i radi samo popodne od 16h (za sada). Mali dućan je radija samo jedan. Prije par dana sam bija,onaj odma na Matejuški kraj Fife je bija zatvoren. Moga bi opet provjerit

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Super, tenks! :smiley:

Iden editat sve. Aj javi jel ovaj kraj Fife zatvoren pa da znan reagirat.

@marko malo-puno kasnim. Kraj FIife i dalje radi. Malo ću nadopunit svoj thread

Ok, after a big pause I have some news to everyone coming in Split. I have also few information about places from other towns in Adriatic coast. In Split Black dog closed but in the same place there is Daltonist craft bar. Also Baraka brew bar & eatery made some good surprised. They offered some beers from Omnipollo, Northern Monk, Lervig, Magic Rock Brewing, Amundsen Bryggeri, Mikkeller. They are making some mistakes in presentation but when I visit I am going to give them some hints. However, this is huge step forward in Split (shhhhh, prices???). There is new place The Old hat with some good program (beer-pong!!!) and nice offer. Still have to visit. Mandrill has offer for when you order some food, for 5.5. EUR all you can drink from Mandrill Brewing. I am trying to animate them (Mandrill, Baraka, The Old hat…) in promotion of themselves on RB but there is lack of interest and disappointing reaction.

Also I have some news from breweries. Niko from Maskeron Brewery is again making some earthquakes in craft scene in Croatia and also in Slovenia. After fantastic Death by IBU (which I named favorite for beer of the year in Croatia) he made collaboration with Lobik brewery in his Circus Hoppy Carnival tour (Hercules - Double NEIPA). Also he made fantastic project Street tap takeover with his homebrewing (Amarillo pilsner, Hoppyfornia IPA, Saison Monster, Bourbon Vanilla Chocolate Imperial Porter). Follow Niko (aka Maskeron), he is very creative, uses Medusa and Strata hops (also and some classics).
TapB craft brewery made some irish red ale named CrvenKaPica (Red Riding Hood). But there is little game: when you split word you get Crven Ka Pica that means Red As Pussy :wink:
Ferata made som big steps with Bracera (golden ale) and Reoplane (APA). Very good beers, suggest both of them. You can read my reviews.
Pivovara 022 made collaboration with Hotch Potch brewery from Zagrebe (brewers originate from Macedonia). They made Herz - belgian wit. Haven’t tried yet.
I am waiting some news from Barba, they are preparing something new. I apologise to everyone if I skipped some news.
In the end, there is new project named from brewery located in Solin, near Split. Brewery named Brew my beer is making your own personalized beer. They offer their beer in local The Old Hat and they made two styles: Amber Lager and Pale Ale. Start was crowdfunding campaign two years ago and they fullfilled their dreams. Well done!!!

The ?third? iteration of To Je To has closed in late August, after being open for what, 3-4 months? They are saying they will reopen in 2021. Oh well.

The newer Matejuška shop seemed closed for good, at least at a glance from the outside. The older one is still working.

Baraka… popped in yesterday, empty on the inside, no tap / price lists anywhere visible, nobody at the lower bar, where all the goodies are. Just went out. Some other day maybe, there’s time - on Friday maybe when an (allegedly) new brewery - Bratska Pivovara or something, is having a promotion at The Old Hat. @peki - are you going?

The Old Hat was another mild disappointment - not using their potential I guess. But with these times, can’t blame them. CrvenKaPica, Ferata, Punica, 2x Varionica and Mirakul. Hm. The only reason I got a new tick there is because Punica changed recipes at some point… Seems like a good place otherwise.

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