Dark city

Long shot, but anyone else doing DarkCity?

A fest full of stouts? Didn’t see that appealing to you at all Craig…

ps Saturday night

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friday night for me as im tagging it onto the end of a work trip

Saturday day for a couple, then working on Cloudwater bar in the evening. Line-up looks great.

The line up is stunning. Its not got as many as mbcc but what it has is pure gold

The average score of those I’ve had is 3.95

With minimum being 3.4 and maximum 4.8

But rb average is under the lowest scoring beer

Sounds like you had a great time Craig. What was the 4.8 rating?

No thats the Stuff ive had prior to Festival (which im using as an ididcator to the rest).
Festival is this weekend
But the 4.8 is the Old Chimney Good King Henry Special Reserve they have on CASK!!!