Dark Lager - Premium

So what rules apply to this? How do they differ from Dunkels, Schwarzbiers or Vienna/Amber lagers?

I note that some beers which are down as Vienna Lagers on other sites are Premium Lagers on here so at some point I’ll get a Dark Lager - Premium tick. But is it really a style?

I think the world at large isn’t clear on this:


I think it’s one of the new styles that was never mentioned in the original voting.

We simply cannot add styles without clear descriptions. The description comes first, entering it should come second.


Was that common sense I heard? Adding this style seemed like a pointless untappd ripoff (noting that on untappd the style is ill-defined and pointless).


The definition kind of makes sense - i.e. standard Pales Lagers that have just been coloured. Looking st the Top 50 I wonder how many of them, especially from the US breweries, are really Schwarzbiers or Dunkels.