Dark Lord mini keg from 2002

I still have the 5 gallon mini keg of the original Dark Lord I bought from Nick on 12/7/2002. We went to the Map room in Chicago the night before as Alpha Klaus had just came out. Back then there was no lottery for DL & it wasn’t bottled. As usual my wife and I were the first ones in the door. I’d ask Nick the night before if he had a mini keg of DL & Dreadnaught. I got them both and it was the last keg of DL he had available to sell. I drank the Dreadnaught about 10-11 years ago at a Christmas party with friends. I still have the DL. You can I have one of the earliest ratings of DL. I’m going to drink it & bottle some next year as it’ll be 20 years old. IMO the holy grail of beer.


Nice, I think I still have a couple of 2004s from the first DL day release, that I just happened to be in the Chicago area for. Got two cases most of which are long gone. Remember the bottom quarter of the beer being green hop/yeast sludge?

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You should pour it all off into hotel shampoo bottles and sell them all on ebay


I got to try DL first time last year. I have seen a lot of hate recently for some reason, but it was surprisingly good. Would definitely try again. It was a lot less sweet than I expected. DL is known to be very sweet, but honestly compared to modern sugar syrup heavy stouts and pastry/lactose heavy “beers” it is not even that sweet.

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We did a vertical tasting last year from 03 through 18. The real old bottles were interesting but not great.

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Fucking, awesome. ISO!

Whadnit great?!!