Darkstar Hophead

I did approximately 2 minutes of research but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Does anyone know who the brewery would have been at Darkstar when Hophead was first produced?

Our take on Dark Star Brewing Co…

A bit of history…

The original Brighton brewer who started life in the cellar of the Evening Star in 1994. Ok, so they weren’t the first, but as the current crop of local brewers that have operated continuously since inception, they take that plaudit.

The website doesn’t go into much detail on a lot of fronts though. Firstly regarding the parting of the ways of the original brewery founders, leaving one to run the Evening Star pub, the legendary birthplace of the brewery, and the other, James Cuthbertson, to develop the brewing at Partridge Green.

You obviously did 1 minute compared to my 2 minutes.

There was a guy called Rob Jones. But dunno if he would have developed Hophead.

Ah, you wrote brewery, so I didn’t search for brewer

My error. But I have now done some more googling and he did indeed create Hophead. Was told earlier today that the guy was working with a new brewery but the person I was talking to couldn’t remember his name or the new brewery.

Google is mint!

Isn’t it the guy who now runs Burning Sky Brewery?

Not sure on that … Mark Tranter, who you refer to, was not around at the start of Dark Star when first brewing out of the Evening Star … that I know. He wasn’t one of the founders.

About a 2 year gap from first brewing till he joined in 1996.

What I can’t find in a few minutes googling … when was Hophead first brewed?

I found a page which stated that Rob Jones developed it.