Date Stamp 4 ratings

I just rated a beer and it put 4/15/18 instead of 4/14 as the date rated. Did I miss a previous forum topic on this or is this something new. Thx

I think the servers use their own time zone, and who knows what that is! Used to be Texas.

Then the servers are not in the U.S.

Kinda looks that way.


The servers are using UTC now (which is exactly how a server should handle date/time, regardless of its physical location).

The mistake Ratebeer is making is not converting it into the user’s local timezone, causing confusion like this where the day can be +/-1 from your actual rating depending on where you are. Simple solution is add a timezone field to our profiles, then anywhere a date is shown on RB it would be formatted according to locale and accounted for +/- timezone differences.

Dates are already confusing to read here for non-Americans, we could do without the timezone confusion as well.

It used to be correct so not sure when it changed but it would be nice to have a rating dated properly no matter where u live. I believe most people would agree.

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