DC Beer week

Are we all too beer-retired to go out to these things still? I’ll probably check out some events.

Events calendar:

So I know Donny is all over the Bruery/Other Half event on Saturday. Anybody else going to anything?

I may see if the Maine Dinner thing is doable for mortals. Triple Crossing Event on THur at Meridian looks cool.

Nobody? @GenDV138? @DCLawyer? @radagast83? @nimbleprop?

Definitely doing ChurchKey on Thursday for Maine Dinner, possibly Saturday for the RAR event. On the fence for the Tuesday DC tap takeover at CK. Maybe Sovereign on Friday for Funkwerks.

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I’m headed to Boundary tonight for the Battle of the Barrels. I was thinking about a family brunch at Brookland’s Finest on Sunday but god damn if that Churchkey event doesn’t look sick.

You going at 4 Donnie? For the Maine event?

Yeah, planning to be there between 3:30-4, not sure how much hype there is for Dinner these days.

I think these are going to have to be game day decisions for the most part.

I’ve been way too busy with things the last few days to even think about anything.

Kathryn might be headed down to her family property on Thursday, so I might be in for whatever people are doing, though maybe not the dinner, but could meet at the bar before/after.

This coming weekend I have an old college roommate coming into town (staying at our other college roommate’s house out in Centreville). I think we’re doing a Loudoun County trip on Saturday.

Might be up for something on Sunday if there’s anything floating around.

I don’t think it’s a dinner. Just Dinner, if you catch my drift @radagast83

In other words, there isn’t a main dinner at Birch and Barley, but perhaps Maine Dinner at Churchkey and Birch and Barley.

If this isn’t clear then I don’t know what is

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I am too upset by nimblepoop’s tasting comment to leave the house

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I’m sure your delicate sensibilities will recover in time @DCLawyer

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I don’t know. I’m pretty fucking fragile.

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